Arizona Proposal for Filing Fees instead of Petitions

The Arizona Constitution prohibits filing fees for candidates. Five state Representatives have introduced a proposed constitutional amendment, which would delete the constitutional prohibition, and authorize the legislature to provide for filing fees in lieu of petitions, both for primary ballot access and general election ballot access. The proposal is HCR 2023. If the legislature passes it, then it would appear as a ballot question in the November 2012 for the voters to decide if they agree.


Arizona Proposal for Filing Fees instead of Petitions — No Comments

  1. Sounds like a good proposed bill. Filing fees are the fairest and most practical for obtaining ballot position. Let’s hope all 3rd partisans and Independents in Arizona support this.

  2. One more thing for the party hacks to play games with —

    obviously UNEQUAL HIGH ballot access fees for 3rd parties and independents — if the scheme is approved.

    Party hacks work 24/7 to STAY IN POWER by ALL means possible — it is in their EVIL party hack brain cells.

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