New York Independence Party Faces Legal Woes

The New York Times reports that the Manhattan District Attorney now alleges that leaders of the New York Independence Party knew, or should have known, that a Republican political consultant stole over $1,000,000 from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The District Attorney wants the Independence Party to put that same amount of money in an escrow fund, even though no one alleges that the party has the money. It appears that the Mayor gave the money to the Independence Party, and asked the party to give the money to that individual, so that the individual could do campaign work for the Mayor. But, instead, apparently that individual kept the money for his own personal use. See this story. Thanks to Elizabeth Sandor for the link. Also see this story in the Wall Street Journal.


New York Independence Party Faces Legal Woes — No Comments

  1. and on the west coast, New York state Independence Party honcho Frank MacKay, flew into Sacramento [California] handed off a $500 check to fake reformer John Bambey. Weeks later MacKay is appointed, annointed as the national CEO of the Deform er, ah, um Reform Party USA. This is a non existent position.

    Apparently ‘reform’ is not anti corruption.

  2. Reading between the lines of the story, the amount is $350,000 which is in their finacial reports. The DA asked for this money to be put in their escrow account until the final outcome of the trial is determined. Their lawyer says he has it but did not turn it over to the DA. I was only aware of the mayor designating $100,000 for the party’s house account and the rest going for the poll watching operation.

  3. This was reported months ago, during the campaign season. It was speculated at the time that Bloomberg wanted it all to go to this guy and that it was payoff for some other favors he had already done. Remember that Mayor Mike spent $100 million to buy a third term, so $1 million isn’t even real money for him.

  4. I have no sympathy for the NYIP- they are a pathetic excuse of a third party and lack any form of political integrity.

  5. Bloomberg won in 2009 by– what– 5 percentage points?

    If he spent $100 million to buy a third term, what would he be willing to spend on a presidential campaign?

    Now that Bloomberg has saved New York city from such evils as salt, trans-fats, and cigarettes, maybe he wants to do the same for the rest of the nation.

  6. After further review, the DA did ask a judge for either the defendant, Haggerty, or the party to put the $1,100,000 in escrow. We now have to wait for a ruling on the request which also included puting a freeze on the defendant’s and party’s accounts and asking to take the house Haggerty bought with over $700,000 of the money.

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