Nebraska Bill for Non-Partisan County Office Elections

Nebraska State Senator Dave Pankonin (R-Louisville) has introduced LB 214. It says that all county office elections should be non-partisan. It also removes the choice of a city to use partisan elections if it wishes. Currently, the largest city in Nebraska that uses partisan elections is Fremont. The Fremont city council is currently considering whether to switch the city’s elections to non-partisan elections.


Nebraska Bill for Non-Partisan County Office Elections — No Comments

  1. In other words, all municipalities would be mandated to use nonpartisan elections??

    With a March 1 qualifying deadline, the Mississippi Democrats have candidates for only two of the eight statewide offices– governor and attorney general. If this holds up, the cries for a Louisiana-style “open primary” (“top two”) will be even louder this year than usual. Most counties decide their county elections in the Democratic primary, so citizens will have to choose between voting for state officials or voting for county officials.

  2. legislative bodies — partisan with P.R. — 2 main parties — MORE or LESS government.

    executive/judicial offices — NON-partisan with App.V.

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