Florida Bill to Prevent Out-of-State Circulators Advances

On March 21, the Florida Senate Rules Subcommittee on Ethics and Elections passed SB 1504 by a vote of 7-5. The bill is sponsored by Senator David Simmons (R-Longwood). It bans petitioners from working in Florida if they don’t live in Florida. It also bans paying petitioners “directly or indirectly” on a per-signature basis. It requires petitioners to always carry ID while they are working. It bans anyone from circulating if that person has been convicted of certain crimes during the last five years.

The author must realize that parts of this bill may be invalidated by courts, because he included a severability clause. Florida, Georgia, and Alabama are the states in the Eleventh Circuit. None of those three states currently bans out-of-state circulators, so there are no court precedents in the 11th Circuit on that issue. Circuits that have invalidated residency requirements for circulators are the Second, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits. Certain lower courts in some states in the Third Circuit have also invalidated residency requirements for circulators. The Fourth and Eighth Circuits have upheld residency requirements for circulators. Thanks to BallotBoxNews for this news.


Florida Bill to Prevent Out-of-State Circulators Advances — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, these politicians in Florida must really be afraid of giving Florida voters choices on the ballot.

  2. Each State is a sovereign NATION-State.

    See the last paragraph of the 4 July 1776 DOI.

    See Art. VII of the nearly dead 1787 U.S.A. Const.

    Elector-citizens INSIDE a State — for INTERNAL political stuff.

    EVERYBODY else is from another universe.

    Check out the book – Sources of Our Liberties edited by Richard L. Perry regarding Amdts 1 to 8.

    Try and find ANY mention of ballot access stuff regarding the background of the 1st Amdt — i.e. more stuff invented out of thin air by the robot party hack SCOTUS folks in 1968 — Williams v. Rhodes.

    Little wonder that the U.S.A. is now quite ready for Civil WAR II — due to the SCOTUS party hack legal MORONS.

  3. If they are concerned about exterior influences maybe the FLA legistlators should ban out of state campaign donations.

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