Arizona Governor Signs Bill that Puts Green Party on 2012 Ballot

On the evening of April 28, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed HB 2304, an omnibus election law bill. Among many other provisions, it says that when a party qualifies for the ballot, it gets the next two elections, not just the next election. Because the Arizona Green Party had successfully petitioned in 2010, it is now automatically on the 2012 ballot, even though it didn’t meet the already-existing requirements for a party to remain on the ballot (that it poll 5% for Governor, or that it have registration of at least two-thirds of 1% of the state total).

The bill also legalizes out-of-state circulators for all types of petitions, not just petitions for independent presidential candidates. The legislature’s web page still does not show that HB 2304 has been signed, but this newspaper article carries the news of the Governor’s actions on Friday evening relative to bills.


Arizona Governor Signs Bill that Puts Green Party on 2012 Ballot — 9 Comments

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  2. Greens are just a New Age religious movement:
    “The Four Pillars of the Green Party are a foundational statement of Green politics and form the basis of many worldwide Green parties. The Four Pillars are:
    Ecological wisdom
    Social justice
    Grassroots democracy
    Different Green Parties that list the Four Pillars phrase them somewhat differently. In general, the four pillars define a Green Party as a political movement that interrelates its philosophy from four different social movements, the peace movement, the civil rights movement, the environmental movement, and the labour movement.”

    IOW, nothing more than feel good moral posturing/status signalling. No relation to real world problem solving.

  3. How many Elephant [Donkey] regimes LOVE to divide and conquer the Donkeys [Elephants] via 3rd parties and independents ???

    P.R. and App.V.

  4. “Guess those hundreds of elected Greens can stop doing their jobs now…”

    What are they doing?

    If AZ (for example) elected state and local legislators by low threshold PR serious parties with serious programs might actually develop.

  5. Thanks for the Green Party news, and that the Green Party will be on the ballot in Arizona in 2012.

    The Green Party ran impressive Governor, and U.S. Senate candidates in 2010 in Arizona.

    Look forward to seeing continued Green Party growth in 2012 in Arizona.

  6. Now that Greens are on the ballot in 2012 in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, Greens in those 3 states ought to go do the New Mexico Green Party petition, which is only 3,000 signatures. New Mexico lets out-of-staters petition.

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