National Popular Vote Bill Advances in California

On May 4, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee passed AB 459 by a vote of 14-2. This is the bill in which California would join the National Popular Vote Plan.


National Popular Vote Bill Advances in California — 4 Comments


    Are both the Donkey and Elephant gangs scheming to PACK the 2012 Prez election with lots of children, felons, mentally ill, foreign folks, plants and animals and even outer space folks ???

    TOTAL EVIL now in the New Age of party hack robots — interested in only ONE thing — staying in POWER — by ANY means possible.

  2. 1 –

    I think outer space “folks” can run for president and vice-president…so long as they are from different galaxies. I’m pretty sure that’s covered by the Constitution.

    But this is really just a technicality.

  3. Speaking of outer space folks…if this law comes to Gov Moonbeam’s desk I wonder if he will sign it. My guess is yes…unlike Schwarzennegar.

  4. 3 –

    I have little doubt that Brown will sign the bill, although his office says he, strangely, does not comment on “any pending legislation.”

    It will be interesting to see if California’s subscription to the compact will accelerate movement among other states. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the Republican message machine then, since they perceive it as a threat. I’d like them to explain the threat to me and my fellow Republicans in Rhode Island. We haven’t effectively participated in a presidential race here since, oh…maybe since General Grant ran for office? (Yes, yes, yes I know – the Gipper in 84 – but Mondale was no more a viable candidate than Nader).

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