Process Begins for Voters to Sign Up for Americans Elect Presidential Primary

On June 30, the Americans Elect web page was expanded, so that anyone can sign up to become a voter in the party’s process for choosing a presidential nominee. Those who sign up are also given a chance to answer 64 questions on policy. The web address is

The voter sign-up asks for a name, an e-mail address, and also asks the person signing up to choose a pin number. There seems to be no restriction on who can sign up. There is no question asking if the person signing up is an adult, or a U.S. citizen.

The page, as of June 30, also says that the new national signature tally for American Elect ballot access petitions is 1,430,475, and increase of 88,000 in just two days.

In the next few days, the Alaska Division of Elections, and the Kansas Secretary of State, will probably say that the party has obtained enough valid signatures in each of those states to appear on the 2012 ballot.


Process Begins for Voters to Sign Up for Americans Elect Presidential Primary — No Comments

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  2. Here come the shenanigans: “The voter sign-up asks for a name, an e-mail address…no restriction on who can sign up…an adult, or a U.S. citizen.”

  3. Absent any mechanism to prevent fraud, I will not participate. I remember all too well the “electronic primary” of the Reform Party in 1996.

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  5. #6 Demo Rep,

    Martians will not be allowed to sign up. But Uranusians will be allowed. AE is waiting on rulings from the FEC on other planetary beings.

  6. Do I get to sign up once for each email account I have, or am I limited to once for each computer or other device?

    BTW, I am in the SF Bay Area and have watched the petition gathering at various stores.
    If they are gathering at the rate of about 35,000 to 40,000 per day in California, then they must have well over 1,000 people working, because I doubt the typical guy/gal is doing even 40 per day.

  7. #9- You have raised an excellent question. In 1996 things were not a sophisicated as they are now. The Reform Party online convention was easy to game if one wanted to vote more than once. Hopefully this group will put safeguards in place to prevent ballot stuffing.

  8. This will be interesting to watch how the AE is planning on monitoring this primary.

    #6, Neptunians are filing a joint lawsuit against the FEC with the Martians for discriminating against the Martians. The FEC nor the Uranusians have no comment yet on the issue.

  9. I am now an official “delegate.” Never even gave my Zip code when they asked for it. I am, they tell me, one of the first twenty thousand. Given the abysmal sign-up rate of No Labels and the low profile of Americans Elect, I fear it will be a long while until even 20K sign up.

    I too have doubts aplenty regarding this idea of an online convention, but there is no harm in signing up and I am hoping for all to go well. I have been following the rise of AE at BAN here, at Irregular Times, and at the Independent Political Report.

    What convinced me to sign up was this glimmer of hope that they are perhaps going to collect more information from delegates later, hopefully enough to ensure the integrity of the nominating process:

    “Sharing with Third Parties

    We may share your personal information with third parties for a variety of reasons. In addition to sharing your personal information with third parties who provide services to us, we may share your information:

    with third parties responsible for checking your information against voter registration databases”

    That’s from their privacy policy… Sorry to be so verbose; I thought people would like hear a couple details. Their “About” page actually includes several security details. Anyway, I’m off to complete their “specific views” questionnaire.

  10. More control freak government

    Less control freak government

    Something new and different in 6,000 plus years of EVIL control freak monarchs/oligarchs versus democrats (small d) ???

  11. This is the biggest scam petition in the history of America. So registered voters will get them a place on the ballot and then non-registered voters will decide the policy? What a scam. The party for the illegal aliens!!! This sounds like New World Order crap that Michael Bloomberg just served up.

  12. #14 Don’t non-regsitered voters (i.e. corporations) already decide policy in America?

    “Biggest scam”?!: see Republican and Democratic Parties

  13. Still unsure about this whole project, but the survey was definitely a lot less leading than Unity08’s questionnaire at this stage.

  14. 16 –

    HEY! Let’s be accurate. They are corporate “persons,” not “voters.”

    Richard Wenger and Republican corporate “person” shill Jim Riley will tell you that, no matter how much money corporate “persons” spend in support of a candidate, as long as the money doesn’t go directly into the candidate’s campaign treasury, they have absolutely no influence on the candidate’s election prospects, and none of us flesh and blood persons need to worry about out free speech being spent into insignificant oblivion.

  15. #18, you have so little capacity for paying attention to details, you don’t even spell my name right.

  16. Next to “details” like tens of millions of “freed speech” corporate “person” dollars drowning out the free speech of human persons, the spelling of your name is a trifle, bud.

  17. #20- This is Richard’s site you know. If he wasn’t such a libertarian he would ban your ass. You’re welcome to your opinion but you don’t have to be rude.

  18. 21 –

    I know it’s Richard’s site. And he’s welcome to ban me if he chooses to do so. That said, holding him accountable to his mistaken and misguided political opinions is not rudeness. Unless you’re referring to the use of “bud,” and if that’s the case I’d suggest you reread the comment he made which precipitated my response.

  19. #18 Hey Wop Cop, I was talking about “deciding policy” not any candidate’s election prospects.

  20. “And you want to be my latex salesman?”
    (typical BS people on BAN)

  21. #22… I did and I still don’t see the need for rudeness. One can disagree without being disagreeable.

  22. 25 –

    I get dissed for a typo, and that’s not rude, but referring to Richard as “bud” is?

    Your standards of “rudeness” are capricious and almost comically stringent.

    Oh, golly gosherino…I’m sorry…did I offend you?

  23. See Blackstone’s Commentaries about invisable corporations.

    NO heart, brain or soul — see the Wizard of Oz.

    Any folks from another dimension and/or universe trying to sign up for the A.E. primary ???

  24. 27 –

    I’m sure all three of us will get over this traumatic exchange.

  25. This party should change its name to “People Who Use the Internet Elect”.

  26. About half of the comments on this story are about the misspelling of Richard Winger’s name and arguments about banning people off of BAN. Can anybody please stay on-topic here??…ANYBODY?

    Americans Elect should change their name to Citizens Of The Earth Elect. Or maybe People Who Exist Elect.

  27. 31 –

    Oh wait! I HAVEN’t been banned!

    But Americans Elect definitely should be banned.

    What do YOU think, Libertarian Voter?

  28. Everybody, I appreciate all the folks who post comments on this web page. I would not ban anyone. Sometimes, for reasons I don’t understand, the system won’t let a post be posted until I come along an unclog things.

  29. There is a scatological joke in there somewhere but I will leave it alone!

  30. I can’t wait for all the problems regarding state by state fusion laws.

    I wonder if this group would nominate candidates against their will? What if they choose Obama?

    Richard, do any states require parties no nominate only their own members?

    I want them to nominate ME. Tell them to nominate ME.

  31. #19 Barry Scary may have confused you with Arsene Wenger. Maybe he his not an actual corporeal American person.

  32. #37 Texas requires the presidential elector candidates to be affiliated with the party that is nominating the presidential candidate. It does not prevent a voter who affiliated with a party from becoming an elector candidate for an independent presidential candidate.

    Party affiliation of most presidential candidates is ill-defined since affiliation is with a State party.

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