Nevada Special U.S. House Election Will Only Have Four Candidates on Ballot

The September 2011 Nevada special election, U.S. House, 2nd district, will only have four candidates on it, not eight. The Libertarian, Dale Gremban, was removed from the ballot because he lacked the needed documentation to show that his party had nominated him. Also, of the four independent candidates who submitted a petition, only one had the needed 100 valid signatures. See this story.


Nevada Special U.S. House Election Will Only Have Four Candidates on Ballot — No Comments

  1. Oh for crying out loud!!! This oversight on the LP’s part will teach us a lesson: always always always have the needed documentation for everything!

  2. The NVLP is going through serious infighting right now, so I don’t think they’ll be running as many candidates as before in the near future.

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  4. I wonder if the Nevada LP intentionally did not provide the needed documentation – after all, there are certain members if the State Committee that don’t want to hurt the GOP…

  5. LV, you really need to do your research on Nevada election laws; write-in votes are prohibited, period.
    BTW, I already suggested the NVLP’ers would have to support Tim.

  6. Oops, sorry Cody for my ignorance. I beg and plead for mercy at your feet for this unimaginable atrocity that I have committed. (insert more sarcasm here.) I don’t live in Nevada nor am I familiar with their laws. I was just throwing out a possiblility for the NVLP.

    BTW, I never claimed your suggestion as originally mine. I just re-posted what you said. Quite frankly, you’re making a federal case out of a comment on a blog post.

    Go Tim! You’re the libertarians’ only hope left…

  7. LV, rules are rules; I don’t like all of them either, but you can’t butt heads with the election code unless you have time and the political & legal firepower to change them. But its too late this year to change the rules, so indeed Tim is your only hope.

  8. @15 – I simply posed a question, I could be wrong and would like someone from the NVLP to answer why the proper documentation was not provided to Dale Gremban.

  9. I found out why Mr. Gremban was not provided the documentation required to run as a LP candidate in the special election.
    “Unlike other third parties, the Libertarian Party of Nevada does not allow its Executive Committee to file nominations for public office to the Secretary of State unless the candidate has been approved at a convention by the membership at large, either locally or statewide. Since CD-2 is not a local race, it would have to be handled at the state level. According to the LPNV’s bylaws, the state party is only allowed to conduct one convention per year (an “annual” convention) and 60 days notice must be provided to all members in the state before the convention is conducted. This works fantastically for normal campaign cycles – it gives everyone sufficient time to get together, discuss possible candidates for various offices, and fully vet everyone in the field, while preventing those with “connections” from slipping friends and family in as “libertarian” candidates for public office. For this particular special election, however, it made it functionally impossible for the state party to file a candidate since the actual filing deadlines were in court-mandated flux and we already held our annual convention back in January.”

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