ACLU Wins Court Order Allowing Petitioning in Genesee County, Michigan Park

On July 18, the Michigan ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against officials of the Genesee County Parks Department, because the officials were attempting to outlaw petitioning within the Linden county park, except during daylight hours in a very small, isolated part of that park, and only for people who had first obtained a permit. On July 22 the officials conceded, and signed a consent decree that no one needs a permit to petition, and that most of the park is open to petitioning. See the complaint here. Thanks to Ballot Box News for this news. The plaintiffs are attempting to get signatures on a petition to recall the Governor.

Genesee County includes Flint. The case is Miller v McMillan, eastern district, 2:11-cv-13088.


ACLU Wins Court Order Allowing Petitioning in Genesee County, Michigan Park — No Comments

  1. Back in the 1990s I was petitioning (for a third-party’s ballot status) in a St. Louis County park where a nearby concert was ready to begin. A policeman stopped me and threatened me with arrest if I continued without a permit of some kind.
    I argued with him and it turned out the chief of police was nearby and heard our “debate.” He came over to us and I mentioned to him 1st Amendment and other rights. The chief told me I was ok and I continued getting signatures! That original officer seemed pissed at the chief’s decision.

  2. Did any Brit robot party hacks try to stop the reading of the 4 July 1776 DOI in any park in the 13 States — and any speeches pro or con about the DOI ???

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