Iowa Straw Poll Results

The results of the Iowa Republican straw poll of August 13 are: (1) Michelle Bachmann 4,823; (2) Ron Paul 4,671; (3) Tim Pawlenty 2,293; (4) Rick Santorum 1,657; (5) Herman Cain 1,456; (6) Rick Perry 718 (write-in); (7) Mitt Romney 567; (8) Newt Gingrich 385; (9) Jon Huntsman 69; (10) Thad McCotter 35. There were another 162 scattering votes.

Four years ago, Mitt Romney won the Iowa Republican straw poll.


Iowa Straw Poll Results — 26 Comments

  1. Given Huntsman’s previous ties as a Democrat and delegate to China I hope he gets a job in a future Republican administration, or perhaps even run on a Vice-president ticket for someone else. He seems to be level headed and his history opens a lot more doors than the other candidates are closing.

    Outside of Ron Paul and Huntsman, all the candidates have some kind of Xenophobic view and most are seen as creepy and weird, at least outside the US. Ron Paul gets a strong following online but… he wants to legalise heroin. The Liberal Democrats in the UK are heading that way too and ultimately to their death bed.

    Overall, I don’t think the Republicans have a strong candidate, and slightly worried what exactly is going to happen even if they do.

  2. So I guess the really big news is that Romney goes from 1st to 7th. Bye-bye Flip. You can take your fellow Mormon Huntsman with you.

    Ron Paul’s results are irrelevant since his rEVOLution troops have always made sure he has done well in these types of polls in the past, but with poor results on actual election day for his real delegates.

    Anybody know what is going on with Buddy Roemer’s campaign? I see his ads all over the internet which aren’t cheap, so there is clearly significant financial support for him from somewhere.

    My prediction is that Michelle Bachmann will eventually get the nod with Palin rallying the girl power for her.

  3. “Romney, Gingrich and Huntsman didn’t not actively campaign for support in the straw poll despite their names appearing on the ballot. Perry, who announced his candidacy for president on Saturday, did not aggressively look to lock up votes in the event. His name did not appear on the ballot; however, write-in votes were allowed in the straw poll.”

    This portion of an article indicates that their were write-in votes. Gary Johnson’s name must not been on the so-called ballot.

  4. Random comment: As I am typing this, I see below the comment box a Michele Bachmann for President ad.

    @5 Roemer seems to have support from the Faith and Freedom Coalition. I’ll have to look into that more.

  5. About 17,000 votes are going to be this important in determining one of the major parties’ candidates? What kind of screwed up system is this? Oh yeah, sorry.

  6. Bachmann vs Obama, the Americans Elect folks keeping their fingers crossed.
    Bloomberg couldn’t resist that opportunity.
    Once in a lifetime with 9.0+ unemployment likely on Election day.

    All that said, Romney wears some very nice shirts.

  7. Seems like the Republicans are psychologically prepared to concede the 2012 election to Obama.

  8. I think both parties are ready to concede. GOP is missing a strong & reputable candidate, while even Democrats don’t seem to support Obama. They just fear the GOP.

    A finacially connected candidate with a ‘D’ behind the name might give Obama a run for his money. Perhaps Tim Pawlenty should sign up for the Democratic primary!

  9. Herman Cain came in 5th. Considering he hasn’t been spending a lot of money as yet, that was impressive to me. He understands the national and international business community.

    I would rather see a successful businessman like Mr. Cain team up with someone like Chris Christie (Gov. of NJ)than to see long term Washington Republicans get the White House in 2012.

    They’ve had years and years and done nothing. Leading doesn’t mean much if you can’t get anyone to follow in all the years a person has been in Washington.

  10. If there was ever a time for a 3rd party/independent candidate to win the Presidency, it is 2012. Playing the devil’s advocate, the best ticket would be Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York for President and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez of California for Vice-President. (NOTE: Some might argue Linda’s sister, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, might be the better of the two. Either one would help the ticket)

    If the Americans Elect organization has any political savvy about them, they will convince Bloomberg and either of these Sanchez sisters to join together and form that ticket.

    Reasons why these two? Very simple. Michael Bloomberg has the millions – if not billions – that as head of the ticket he can personally contribute to the campaign. He can carry New York State, and many other northern states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania including Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. Either of the Sanchez sisters is needed to break away the growing Hispanic vote from the Democratic fold. Either can also be instrumental in helping to carry California, Washington, and Oregon possibly Texas and several southwestern states – perhaps even Florida.

    The Republicans can be expected to carry the deep south and a handful of small western states. These folks will vote for any Republican loser regardless of who he or she is. The Democrats will hold onto liberal bastions like Rhode Island, Hawaii and DC, possibly Illinois because of Obama – and maybe pull a plurality in a few other states.

    The real key however, is getting those voters to the polls who say they would support a Bloomberg-Sanchez ticket. Many candidates have lost elections because their “supporters” never got to the polls. AE and such a Bloomberg-Sanchez ticket would need to organize down into every voting precinct in America. Campaign shuttle service activities in every neighborhood should know who every voter is and where every voter lives, and make sure known supporters are taken to the polls. This is where the bulk of the campaign funds should be spend – at the precinct level – in getting supporters to the polls.

    True, this is only an opinion – perhaps only a fantasy. But I still say, 2012 is the best chance a 3rd party/independent has had in generations. Even Ross Perot did not have this great of chance in 1992.

    Will it happen? I guess we’ll know in 15 months.

  11. Under 20,000 folks on a summer vacation trip having ANY influence on who the next Prez might be ???

    INSANITY in action.

    How about daily polls of Martian spies ???

    P.R. and App.V.

  12. I voted for Rank Parry & it was counted. I printed it so they most have said it was from a itinerant Iowa farmer.,that couldn’t spell..Those dumb country schools

  13. Some people walked out without putting ink on their hands & the NRC called security on them & they came running; but the folks just kept walking out & left.

  14. I’d prefer to access actual ballot results. Clearly there were 100s of write-ins for Rick pArry. How is accountability established? And why not quanitfy the number of ballots that were interpreted?

  15. Who were those “scattering” votes for? We need to know the identity of those “scattering” votes!

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  19. The Mormon tag-team match now in full swing as of Aug 21. Obviusly hopeless candidate HUntsman slamming other Republican candidates to make Romney appear a centrist among Republicans. This guy got 69 votes in Iowa – and likely 69 Mormons. All should read very well documented material on allegiances the Morman church demands and then will understand the very nasty underhanded nature of this phony loser tag-team “candidate”.

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