California Legislature Passes Bill Banning Paying Registration Workers on a Per-Card Basis

On August 29, the California Assembly passed SB 205 by a vote of 49-27. It makes it illegal for voter registration workers to be paid on a per-card basis. This bill is especially damaging to new and minor parties, because as a result of Proposition 14, the only method for parties to obtain qualified status, or to keep it, is to have registration equal to 1% of the last gubernatorial vote. That requires 103,004 registrations now, and that number will probably be higher after November 2014.

The bill now goes to Governor Jerry Brown. Assuming he signs it, it will go into effect on January 1, 2012. The bill passed on a party-line vote, with no Democrats opposing it, and no Republicans supporting it. However, three Democrats didn’t vote.


California Legislature Passes Bill Banning Paying Registration Workers on a Per-Card Basis — No Comments

  1. I really hope that Governor Brown does the right thing like he did with the bill that was like this concerning petitions by vetoing it.

  2. If the robot Guv signs the bill, then how many seconds will it take to go to a Fed court and get an injunction ???

    What lawyer will DEMAND $$$ damages ??? — to bankrupt the EVIL robot party hack MORONS.

  3. A lawsuit, brought by an unqualified party that is trying to get on the California ballot, could certainly be brought. The California law on how a party gets on the ballot is already of doubtful constitutionality, given its January deadline.

    The Constitution Party might be a good plaintiff.

  4. First they disenfranchised third party supporters in the Congressional, statewide, and state legislative elections with Top Two, and now they want to make it harder to get our Presidential candidates on the ballot.

  5. Thank Mark Jacoby for this law. His slammers destroyed the voter card bounty in Southern California. We saw this coming a mile away. He made ACORN look like amateurs.

  6. This scared the crap out of me. And then I realized that the California Moderate Party will be qualified by January 1.

    Jerry will sign it.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Richard.

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