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U.S. District Court Says New Ohio Ballot Access Law is Probably Unconstitutional; Issues Injunction Putting Libertarians on 2012 Ballot

Published on September 7, 2011, by in General.

On September 7, U.S. District Court Judge Algenon Marbley issued a preliminary injunction, ordering the state not to enforce the ballot access law passed earlier this year by the legislature. The 12-page decision is Libertarian Party of Ohio v Husted, 2:11-cv-722, and says in all likelihood, the new law’s deadline of early February is too early. It is not yet known if the Secretary of State will appeal. If there is no appeal, it is likely that the Constitution, Green and Socialist Parties will merit the same relief.

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  1. Kevin Knedler

    Very proud to be part of the LP of OHio.
    Three wins in Five years, here in OHio for the LPO.
    Sooner or later, the Ohio Assembly will “get the message” that we want FREEDOM in the ballot box.

    Kevin J. Knedler
    Chair of the LPO Executive Committee


  3. Grady Owens

    Quite glad to see this succeed. Good job and congratulations, to everyone involved!

  4. Thanks for providing this valuable service, Richard. Hayek would no doubt feel the same!

  5. Andy

    How will this effect Americans Elect, as well as any other party that may seek a spot on the Ohio ballot for 2012?

  6. Kevin Knedler

    No law for new party petitioning.
    LP has solid ideas for ballot access.

    Ohio hasn’t turned into a ‘wild west shows” yet with hundreds of parties, because of no ballot access laws.

  7. Demo Rep

    Equal ballot access laws.

    Each election is NEW and has ZERO to do with any prior election – except the number of voters at such prior election — for equal nominating petitions.

    Way too difficult for MORON ballot access lawyers and judges to understand.

  8. Andy

    Americans Elect as well as any other parties that may emerge who want to be on the ballot for the 2012 election are going to have to have some way to get on the Ohio ballot. How do you think that this is going to play out?

  9. Jim Riley

    If Ohio had a Top 2 Open Primary, there would be no need to qualify to have separate party primaries, and candidates would qualify as individuals.

  10. Mark Brown

    # 7 and # 10. Assuming that Ohio does not quickly pass a new, constitutional access law, Americans Elect (like the other minor parties in Ohio) should be awarded ballot access based on the significant modicum of support standard employed by the federal court in Ohio in 2008.

  11. Kevin Knedler

    LP Ohio support is:
    Very active Central Committee and Executive Committe
    County affiliates popping up around the state of Ohio
    Very robust web site at http://www.lpo.org
    Multiple LPO Meetup groups
    Frequent LPO state and county-level events
    Running many candidates for office. IE: nearly 50 in 2010
    Filing FEC reports
    Annual Convention or COnference
    Over 5,000 Ohio citizens are registered LP via primary

    Those are just some basic elements to show we are not a sham organization.

    Hope that helps

  12. Mike Wright

    GREAT!!! It’s bad enough the Republicans are trying to limit who should receive absentee ballots and rezoning voter districts without letting the voters have a voice and a CHOICE if these changes should be done. Another case for small government Score one for Liberty! Bless the Nation! Bless the Republic! Bless Liberty! & Bless Ohio!

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