Florida Will Hold Presidential Primary on January 31

On September 30, Florida state officials said the state will hold its presidential primary on January 31, 2012. See this story. This will cause certain other states to hold their primaries and caucuses earlier as well, so that, as in 2008, the earliest primaries will be in the first half of January. In 2008, the New Hampshire primary was on January 8.

For the likely results on other early states in 2012, see this blog post from Frontloading HQ, written on September 28, at a time when Florida’s date was predicted to be January 31, but that was not yet certain. However, at the time Frontloading wrote its analysis, there was doubt about Georgia. When reading it, bear in mind that Georgia has since set its primary for March 6.


Florida Will Hold Presidential Primary on January 31 — No Comments

  1. Will the robot party hacks in a State be punished for violating the national robot party hack *rules* for Prez stuff ??? Stay tuned.

    Do NOT bet on the result.

    P.R. and App.V. — Abolish the EVIL Electoral College before it causes Civil WAR II — as in 1860 with Civil WAR I.

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