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U.S. District Court Judges in Texas will Create Congressional Redistricting Map

Published on September 30, 2011, by in General.

On September 30, a 3-judge U.S. District Court in Texas issued a ruling, saying the judges will prepare an interim map of U.S. House districts for Texas, just in case the map prepared by the legislature this year is held to violate the federal Voting Rights Act. The decision as to whether the legislature’s districts violate the Voting Rights Act or not is before a U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. See this story.

Texas could have asked the U.S. Justice Department to preclear the maps the legislature drew this year, but Texas decided to bypass the Justice Department and go straight to a U.S. District court in Washington, D.C. The problem with that choice is that the district court in Washington, D.C., may not act in time. Texas has a March primary for all federal and state offices.

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  1. Brad

    I hope the US District Court decides districts here in Texas. That way it will only be slightly less gerrymandered.

  2. Demo Rep

    All district systems = AUTOMATIC indirect minority rule.

    1/2 votes (or less) x 1/2 districts = 1/4 CONTROL.

    Reality about 30 percent of the Voters elect a bare majority of the party hacks who control each legislative body having all districts.

    The courts are BRAIN DEAD EVIL ignorant about gerrymander math.

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