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Working Families Party Will Help Bolster Protest on Wall Street

Published on September 30, 2011, by in General.

According to this article, the Working Families Party will assist in enlarging the ongoing protest on Wall Street.

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  1. An Alabama Independent

    I wonder why there are no protesters there representing the Constitution Party or even the Libertarian Party? Silly boy, you ought to know better than to ask such a silly question.

  2. Paulie

    Actually, I have read that some of the protesters are self-described libertarians and Ron Paul supporters.

    I’m a libertarian, and I believe there is much to protest in the bailout-ridden wall street world.

  3. NE

    Now the Working Families Party needs to run more candidates against Wall Street’s two, twin parties: the Democrats and Republicans.

  4. An Alabama Independent

    To Paulie Says: That some of the protesters are self-described libertarians and Ron Paul supporters may have been because of their objection to the bailout with taxpayers money,and such is okay. But you can be assured they were not there because they know that Wall Street is what is wrong with America today. If we had a true National Bank issuing only interest-free US Currency, we would not need Wall Street – America’s only national and legal gambling institution.

  5. Paulie

    But you can be assured they were not there because they know that Wall Street is what is wrong with America today.

    I think that Wall Street is in fact much of what is wrong with America today. The large, publicly traded companies survive because their owners are not liable for their actions due to limited liability granted by the government. If it was not for this, people would only invest in smaller businesses whose operations they could be intimately aware of and which could be insured against legitimate losses and claims.

    This would bring the money back from Wall Street to main street.

    The wall street corporate owner class controls our political system, and the political class rewards them with bailouts, corporate welfare, eminent domain abuse, wars on behalf of corporate imperialist interests, and a maze of taxes and regulations which stymy existing and would-be small businesses from being able to compete against big business. These taxes and regulations also prevent many people who are unemployed, or are employed by others, from starting businesses and becoming self-employed.

    If the political class did- not have so much power, there would be nothing there for the corporate owner class to purchase so as to yield influence.

    The tax code, the education system, government red tape and much else conspires to keep people as employees of large corporations or government, or as long-term poor people dependent on government.

    Additionally, the poor are getting screwed big time as well: massive and persistent unemployment, debt, foreclosure, eviction, cannon fodder in endless foreign wars, record incarceration, growing harassment/abuse by militarized police treating poor neighborhoods like an occupying army. The government’s “help” only serves to further trap poor people in poverty.

    Middle class workers and small business owners are on the short end as well.

    The corporate ownership class (particularly those owning large shares) and the government unions are doing well in this economy. The rest of us, not so much.

    Black households now have 5% of the wealth of white households on average, the worst disparity in several decades. Official black unemployment is 16%; probably more like 50% when you add in underemployment and those who have been out of work for so long that they are no longer counted as unemployed.

    Many poor people see the military or illegal activities as their only way to make a living. This destroys their lives and future through injury, shell shock, and criminal records. At the same time war profiteering and prison profiteering are boom industries.

    The government’s immigration restrictions and prohibitions on drugs and on sex work keep large numbers of people in a state of fear and prone to exploitation.

    All of this serves to flow money to those at the top, and they are considered “too big to fail.”

  6. An Alabama Independent

    Paulie Says: If my memory serves me correctly, you are a resident of Alabama – just as I am. Despite any philosophical differences you and I may have, I trust you will join with me and support a ballot access bill which the Alabama Legislative Reference Service has drafted for me and which a prominent State Senator has promised to at least pre-file for the 2012 Session.

    This proposed bill gives all Independent candidates and 3rd party nominees the option of paying a filing fee for ballot position rather than collecting signatures on petitions. I am hoping the State Senator will pre-file the bill soon, so it will have a number for reference. But even if he doesn’t do so immediately, the draft is already in bill-like form and can still be disseminated under the title of “Filing Fees for Independent and 3rd Party Candidates.”

    The option of Filing Fees is reasonable. If a candidate can’t raise an average of $2500 (even less for some offices) to qualify, then such candidate in my opinion is a FRIVOLOUS AND NON-SERIOUS candidate, and here I would agree with our Democratic and Republican nemeses, that he or she should NOT have their name on the ballot.

    As soon as I have more information, I will notify Richard (he usually learns before I do anyway) and I plan to make this my primary activity until the Alabama Legislature does what is right. I trust I will have the help of not only you, but of all Alabama Independents and 3rd Partisans. It is time for BALLOT ACCESS EQUITY!

  7. Paulie

    Sure, I’ll help. 415-690-6352 cell.

  8. An Alabama Independent

    To Paulie Says: Will be back with you by phone a little later, and will provide you my email address also. I am hoping to learn any day now from the State Senator of how soon he will pre-file the bill. Thanks for being willing to help. I am asking for a Truce with all other 3rd parties in Alabama – especially those who I have spoken about rather harshly “philosophically” over the years or have critized their electoral efforts. Despite our philosophical differences, we are ALL IN THE SAME BOAT, and we need to work together on equitable ballot access. Back with you later.

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