Socialist Party Chooses National Ticket

On October 16, the Socialist Party, meeting in national convention in Los Angeles, chose Stewart Alexander for President, and Alejandro Mendoza for Vice-President. See this story from Uncovered Politics for the details. This is the first time the Socialist Party has ever nominated a presidential candidate who is a member of a racial or ethnic minority.


Socialist Party Chooses National Ticket — No Comments

  1. The Uncovered Politics article makes it sound like Alexander hopes to get the support of the P&FP/NOC united Left presidential effort. I wonder if he will be acceptable to the Freedom Socialist Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation?

    I’ve looked around online, but have not been able to find any updates on the NOC 2012 effort.

  2. I spole too soon. Seems like the NOC founding conference is in December. I see the SPUSA is not a participant. I wonder if the SPUSA hopes to get Alexander nominated ny this effort via Alexander’s membership in the P&FP and avoid direct membership in the NOC?

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