Florida Republican Party Announces Names on Florida Presidential Primary Ballot

On November 1, the Florida Republican Party announced that these nine candidates will be listed on the Republican presidential primary ballot: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum. In Florida, the party has complete control over who appears on its presidential primary ballot. There is no fee, no petition alternative, no reference to the news media, and no reference to primary season matching funds. Instead, the state chair of the party, the party leader in the State Senate, and the party leader in the State House, together decide which names will appear, using whatever standards they wish.

Buddy Roemer, who is not only a former Louisiana Governor, but a former member of Congress, is also seeking the Republican presidential nomination, and he had tried to persuade the Florida Republican leaders to include him, but they refused to do so. The Florida ballot access rule for presidential primaries has already been upheld in federal court, after David Duke tried and failed to get on the Florida Republican presidential primary in 1992. The only other state with a similar restriction for getting on presidential primary ballots is Georgia.


Florida Republican Party Announces Names on Florida Presidential Primary Ballot — No Comments

  1. whatever standards they wish

    = lawless TYRANTS in action

    Among other things – a blatant subversion of the Republican Form of Government clause in Art. IV, Sec. 4.

    How about another much larger 2000 Bush v. Gore hammer on the EVIL skulls of the robot party hack morons in Florida ???

  2. Does the Florida ballot allow write-ins? If so, Gov. Roemer could use it as a vote of no-confidence on how candidates are chosen and would probably get more votes than Huntsman and Johnson, if both candidates are still in the race by then.

  3. #2, Florida does not permit write-ins in primaries, although in 1979 the State Supreme Court of Florida ruled that Florida must allow write-ins in general elections.

  4. As a Republican,Filing late it appears,I will seek access to the primarie’s,And to have my name place on the ballot as a write-in.May god bless my puny efforts,In giving Americans a better choice.

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