Chuck Baldwin to Run for Montana Lieutenant Governor as a Republican

Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2008, has announced that he will run in the Republican primary in 2012 in Montana for Lieutenant Governor. In Montana, candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor run as a team in the primary as well as in November. Baldwin’s running mate will be Robert Fanning. Thanks to Gene Berkman for this news.


Chuck Baldwin to Run for Montana Lieutenant Governor as a Republican — 15 Comments

  1. When high profile members of third parties join one of the two factions of the Republicratic Duopoly, it really does a disservice to the abandoned party and furthers the stereotype of minor parties being splinter groups of the two major parties.

  2. The CP doesn’t have ballot access up there FYI. BTW haven’t Libertarians done the same thing before?

  3. CB will be rightfully seen as a carpet bagger. He stands little chance of winning. He could have helped rebuild the MT CP. Too bad…

  4. Good. The Montana CP should run someone against him. After all the work myself and others did to get him on the WV ballot in ’08, this is sick! First Peroutka, now Chuck. Yuk!

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  6. Baldwin and Hillery do have that carpet bagger tag. Has Baldwin lived in Montana long enough to Run?

  7. Yes, we definitely are expecting to be on the ballot in Montana in 2012, though only effort and not “expectation” can make these things happen. It is most important, of course, to run a Presidential candidate in that state (where, ironically, Baldwin was not on the ballot in 2008) and then, probably, a Congressional candidate. If the Montana CP decides it is in their best interest to run a Gunernatorial ticket… more power to them. It’s a state party call. We honor the spirit of the 10th Amendment in the Constitution Party.

  8. Good. Another escapee from the Constitution Party and from party founder Howard Phillips’ vest pocket. Phillips must be having a fit right now for not nominating Alan Keyes in 2008!!

  9. If he has no chance of winning it may be a good move in gaining name recognition. I believe Baldwin is about principles not party. He campaigned for Ron Paul in the 2008 elections so I am not surprised by this move.

  10. Cody Quirk,

    Remember the lock out after Tampa on Michael P. and how
    Chuck B. did the flip-flop on Nevada IAP also. Chuck
    found a new home, in the GOP. Ed Noonan was on the mark
    when he warned the AIP about Chuck B., You just did not
    get it. Ed Noonan is now running for President of the
    United States. I thought Chuck B. got to many votes from California at Kansas City CP convention, viz., 20% in 2008.

    Subject change. What is your view on the issue of a closed or open primary for 2012 presidential primary
    of the AIP in California. We need to make a determination soon if we will let voters not registered
    AIP and not registered in an other party vote in the AIP
    primary. My view is opening the primary may not be fair
    to Ed Noonan, because some on the King, Grundmann, and
    Nightengale gang that left AIP, might try to vote in the 2012 AIP primary. I am still trying to keep an open mind on the subject.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

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