Buddy Roemer Says, “I’m Going to Do It”

Here is a link to a transcript in which Buddy Roemer appeared on the Neil Cavuto Show on Fox. If one reads the second page, one finds that the story’s headline is really too weak. Roemer says, “I’m going to do it” when asked if he will run for President outside the two major parties.


Buddy Roemer Says, “I’m Going to Do It” — 11 Comments

  1. I see on the horizon for 2012 the first major 4 way presidential election since 1860 – unless one considers Eugene Debs in 1912 the 4th major contender, and Henry Wallace the 4th major contender in 1948 – though neither won any electoral votes.

    The 3rd and 4th contenders in the 2012 election might not win any electoral votes either, but I think the popular vote is going to be so divided up that it will be an election which will be analyzed and referred to for decades to come.

  2. If you’re thinking Ron Paul is going to be your 4th way, think again – especially with Gary Johnson probably going Libertarian. Do you really consider 1% part of a 4-way? But if Nader seeks the Green nomination, LOOKOUT! That may take it into 4-way territory. Hmmmm…

  3. Nader is not going to run this time. I think he will probably endorse Stein.
    Anyway this will in no way be like 1860, or 1912 for that matter. I just don’t see either Johnson or Roemer getting much publicity unless they get a big VP nominee (Ventura, Paul or Lieberman for example). I like both Roemer and Johnson to some degree but for whatever reason they haven’t gotten any traction and the media has decided to ignore them. And I don’t see any big Independent jumping in at this point. Bloomberg is too busy being Mayor of NYC, Trump will try another publicity stunt and even if he does jump in he will collapse in the polls very quickly and become a major joke. I do see a possibility of something like 1980 where someone gets gets between 5-8% and the LP getting a better than usual showing.

  4. If Americans Elect end up with someone like Trump and the Libertarians “get smart” and nominate former Governor Johnson (if Paul won’t seek it), you’ll have a major 4 way race. It might not equal 1860, but the popular vote received by each candidate – especially the 3rd and 4th candidate – will definitely affect the outcome.

  5. Trust me, Trump would absolutely collapse as a candidate. he is too arrogant to do the necessary homework, has a horrible temperament which would explode on a regular basis, it would be too obvious he was only doing it for self glorification, he would be a gaffe machine, and he has way too many sleazy skeletons in the closet. He would be lucky to get 5% even with all his money. But I just don’t think he will do it. He will try to get some PR by talking about it but that will be it.
    Johnson would be a solid candidate and if he got Ventura as his VP he could get some good numbers (at least for the LP).

  6. Johnson/Ventura – hadn’t thought about that. A pair of former governors! Yeah, I think Jesse is PO’d enough to do it. That could do some damage. An awful lot of RonPaulicans out there who’d jump on that bandwagon. Jesse has already said he would accept second billing…to Ron Paul. But would the Libertarians accept him with all of his conspiracy theories?

  7. He said one of his key issues would be campaign reform. Sounds like he will be pushing for the Open Primary if he is elected.

  8. What about Buddy Roemer and Rocky Anderson, the former Salt Lake City mayor who just announced he’ll run under a new party — the Justice Party. Maybe when Anderson realizes the monumental task a brand new party will have getting on 51 ballots, he might consider teaming with Roemer on an AE ticket. They meet AE’s requirement for “different parties,” and both men have placed campaign finance reform at the top of their list of issues.

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  10. Buddy, just run for the Constitution Party nomination. I’m getting sick and tired of this.

    You’re not a Republican, and never were. You are a Conservative Democrat who has no party now.

  11. Alabama Independent, I can see this as more, if anything like the ’68 election IF Gary Johnson does go Independent and gets a great VP pick. I can’t see any other candidate being viable enough to turn it into a real 4-way election, though I can see the CP grabbing a few percentages if they get lucky enough, especially out west and all. But, I can’t see any minor candidate receiving any electoral votes unless Paul runs. And even then I can’t see more than 2-3 states at MOST going his way.

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