Ben Manski Will be Campaign Manager for Jill Stein Presidential Run

Ben Manski will be the 2012 campaign manager for the Jill Stein presidential campaign. Stein is seeking the Green Party nomination. Manski has degrees in law and sociology, and has been a political activist with the Green Party ever since the party has existed. He was Midwest Field Director for Ralph Nader’s run in 2000, a field director of Greenpeace, an organizing director with Progressive Dane, national director of Campus Greens, and co-chair of the national Green Party. In 2010 Manski ran a competitive race for the Wisconsin legislature, winning 31.1% of the vote in a 4-candidate race and placing ahead of the Republican nominee. If all the ballots in which voters used the straight-ticket device had been excluded, he would have won the election.

The Green Party will hold its presidential convention in Baltimore, July 13-15.


Ben Manski Will be Campaign Manager for Jill Stein Presidential Run — 9 Comments

  1. Actually, Manski will be *campaign manager*, not *campaign chair*. This is a big step forward for Stein, who is currently having a very successful campaign swing through California.

  2. Ben Manski is indeed a good choice for Dr. Jill Stein’s Green Party presidential campaign manager.

    Dr. Stein and Manski have launched the strongest Green Party campaign in the U.S. for President ever.

    Smart. They launched early. A year ago would have been better. But now there is still time for the Greens to earn ballot status in 40 to 43 states, even with a limited budget.

    The proof is the disciplined message, and focus on ballot access across the country from the start. Many of us have known Mr. Manski for over a decade, and appreciated his work with other Green candidates Nader, Cobb, and Mckinney.

    Even more important. Manski has now been a candidate himself. Manski was a strong candidate.

    That was something Nader’s campaign managers had not done. It is a tremendous advantage when the campaign manager understands the candidates challenges.

    Good luck to them.

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  4. How will the July GP convention,when they nominate a presidential candidate, affect those ballot access requirements in some states that may fall before July? We are fortunate in MN that the 2012 filing date for a presidential candidate is between May 22nd and August 21, but what about other states with earlier ballot access requirements?

  5. #7, most states have a petition procedure which doesn’t require any candidates to be listed on the petition. And of those that don’t, most of them permit stand-ins. The stand-in resigns from the ticket after the convention, and is replaced by the actual nominee.

    Minnesota actually has a petition procedure to qualify a new party, that doesn’t list any candidates. But it is impossibly difficult. It requires over 100,000 signatures (5% of the last vote cast). It has been on the books since 1913 and no group has ever used it.

  6. Richard

    Minnesota has no announced candidates yet. Key word is yet.

    Danene Provencher. Rocky Anderson is reported to have filed for an exploratory Committee for his presidential run.

    I have already been contacted by them.

    Michael Cavlan
    Candidate US Senate (no paperwork filed yet but we have already started campaigning)
    Minnesota Open Progressives

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