Party for Socialism and Liberation Announces Presidential Nominee

Last month, the Party for Socialism and Liberation announced that it will run Peta Lindsay for President, and Yari Osorio for Vice-President. This will be the party’s second presidential campaign. In 2008, it ran Gloria La Riva for President. She polled 6,818 votes in tbe nation.

Lindsay is age 27, and Osorio is age 26 and was born in Colombia. Thus, neither meet the constitutional qualifications to hold the offices they are seeking. However, some legal decisions during the past three years have suggested that elections officials cannot keep presidential or vice-presidential candidates off the ballot because of constitutional qualifications. For example, in 2010, the California State Court of Appeals said the Secretary of State “has no discretion for the general election ballot…With respect to general elections, section 6901 directs that the Secretary of State must (must is in italics) place on the ballot the names of the several political parties’ candidates.” This decision is Keyes v Bowen, and dealt with President Obama’s qualifications. Alan Keyes, who had charged that Obama did not meet the constitutional qualifications, had then appealed this decision to the State Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, but both courts refused to hear the appeal, so the Court of Appeals decision stands.


Party for Socialism and Liberation Announces Presidential Nominee — 23 Comments

  1. Why run for President if you don’t care about the Constitution, which forbids inexperienced youth (below 35) from being President?

    They’re not old enough for Senate either.

  2. Since we don’t vote for president, but rather for Presidential Electors, the presidential qualification issue does not apply to ballots.

    The “candidates” are technically just faces of a philosophy embraced by their slates of presidential electors.

    The qualifications of Presidential Electors are the same as for other regular electors (voters) in each state. i.e. 18 years old and probably not a felon.

  3. Growing INSANITY.

    How many folks take office who do NOT have the CONSTITUTIONAL qualifications to hold the office ???

    What happened to injunctions and the OLD *quo warranto* cases (now one more civii action) ???

    Since when is it legal for the 12th Amdt party hack Electors to vote for an illegal candidate ???

    See also the last sentence in the 12th Amdt.

    How SUICIDAL has election law become in the U.S.A. ???
    Uniform definition of Elector
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  4. Once upon a time 140 years ago, two people who were not qualified under the current standards ran for President. A white woman and an African American man. I am not saying these two people are Victoria Woodhull and Frederick Douglass, but if nothing changes, nothing changes.

  5. The right to govern, can only exist, by the consent of those who seek to be governed. The right to choose….does not exist within any constitution ,we have this right at birth.

  6. # 7 How about a ONE cell something ??? – plant, animal or outer space alien ???

    The SCOTUS robot party hack MORONS let this INSANE stuff go on and on.

    When will even the SCOTUS morons again bring down a hammer on the super morons — See Bush v. Gore 2000 — the HAMMER on ALL of the FL regime morons — legislative, executive and judicial.

    2000 FL regime – NO definition of a LEGAL vote – esp. with the infamous punch card ballots.

    FL morons smashed flat by SCOTUS.

    See the 2002 HAVA sentence about LEGAL votes in the States – written esp. for the FL MORONS.

  7. Hate to tell you this Demo Rep but you are allowed to vote for whoever you want. And no ruling has said they would be able to actually take the office if they won.

  8. and let us wee what the NYS Court of Appeals says regarding SWP etc. 2012 POTUS eligibility ballot access.

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  10. Any *confusion* for the voters having ILLEGAL candidates on the ballots — i.e. wasted votes ???

    Gee – what does SCOTUS have to say about *voter confusion* ???

  11. For the many juveniles on this list —

    There happens to be a BASIC principle in the LAW –

    Indirect = Direct

    i.e. for MORONS —
    Indirect voting for 12th Amdt Prez Electors (who are robots in most/all States in Dec. after a Nov. election) is the same as directly voting for the candidate.

    Waiting for the SCOTUS hammer.

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  13. @16

    Haha! The campaign ads would be interesting, you have to admit.

    “This season, vote for a real outside, who’s still inside the womb. Vote for the candidate you can trust (never told a lie!). Vote David if it’s a boy or Linda if it’s a girl 2012.”

  14. So, what doese this mean for the National Organizing Committee 2012? My understanding was PS&L was a part of that? I can’t see the Peace and Freedom Party nominating those two? NOC2012’s big meeting is next weekend.

  15. # 18 What if IT is an alien implant — with 3 or more heads ???

    See the Alien series of movies.

  16. #21 Good Aliens like ET ???

    BAD Aliens as in War of the Worlds movies — 1950s and 2000s ???

    NO brain folks — like Donkey/Elephant AIRHEAD robot party hacks — knowing only how to LOOT regime treasuries (taxes and borrowed cash) for left/right special interest gangs ???

  17. If the President and Vice President fail to qualify for office, the Speaker of the House would become President instead.

    So I guess the Party for Socialism and Liberation could make their slogan “John Boehner for President.”

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