Christine Todd Whitman Encourages Jon Huntsman to Seek Americans Elect Nomination

Christine Todd Whitman has told the press that she would be pleased if Jon Huntsman were to seek the Americans Elect presidential nomination. See this story on Politico. Whitman is one of the eight members of the Executive Committee of Americans Elect. The others are Peter Ackerman, Dennis Blair, Stephen W. Bosworth, Kahlil Byrd, Eliot R. Cutler, Irvine O. Hockaday Jr., and Joshua Levine.

The story is also interesting because Whitman talks briefly about her awkward encounters with certain Republican Party leaders, in the days since Whitman joined the Americans Elect leadership.


Christine Todd Whitman Encourages Jon Huntsman to Seek Americans Elect Nomination — 9 Comments

  1. How many closet (DEEP undercover) Donkeys/Elephants in the gang of 8 ???

    Will the all knowing media dig for dirt ???

  2. Gov Whitman speaks truth to power and has more balls than the present crop of Republican candidates and elected officials. As EPA leader she told Bush “no” when he assininely tried to push through increasing mercury levels in water. I think everyone else on Bush’s cabinet, save Powell, was a complete sycophant.

    I support Whitman’s comments, but I am surprised she made them since most of the top AE brass has shied away from making comments on specific candidates. But then again the whole interview wasn’t listed so it could’ve been in response to a question about Huntsman.

  3. 3 –

    Brad – I can’t give Powell a pass. Before he made his WMD presentation (i.e., long-winded set of bullshit lies) to Congress, he allegedly was at Langley reviewing the so-called “evidence.” At one point he threw up his hands and said “This is all bullshit.”

    And, as we know now, it was indeed ALL bullshit.

    But he made the presentation anyway, didn’t he?

    And here we are now, several thousand Americans and several tens of thousand Iraqis and nearly three trillion dollars…gone.

    Powell could have…SHOULD have…done something else, but he succumbed to sycophancy.

  4. Huntsman is another Romney — no appeal. And his daughters are obnoxious.He just doesn’t have the IT American politicians need to have t get elected.

  5. EPA director Whitman, with no research, told everyone it was safe to go back to ground zero and breathe the toxic air right after 9/11. Yeah, she’s just brilliant!

  6. #6

    Didn’t Whitman testify under oath to Congress that she “relied on agency scientists” that is was safe to go back to “Lower Manhattan” not Ground Zero.

  7. #5

    So are you saying George Bush had “IT”?

    Thank God Lincoln isn’t around in the present trying to run for president because that gangly warted faced man definitely didn’t seem to have “IT” in the way you want it.

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