Rick Perry Sues Virginia Over Circulator Residency Requirement

On December 27, Texas Governor Rick Perry sued Virginia in federal court over its residency requirement for circulators. The case is Perry v Judd, 3:11-cv-856. Here is the complaint.


Rick Perry Sues Virginia Over Circulator Residency Requirement — 12 Comments

  1. Elector-Voters in each area.

    ALL other folks are political aliens from another universe.

    How about having hoards of foreign nation circulators invade the U.S.A. ???

    Is this the New Age of INSANE politics or what ???

    See the morons in 1931-1939 while the Axis powers became super-deadly EVIL.

  2. You would think that if Perry had an organization in Virginia, and the support, Perry could have got the signatures he needed. Perry would probably vote for tougher standards for third parties as long as his standards were easy.

  3. “Please remove him immediately! The fact that you have sent him here just goes to prove that you [governor Perry] are the leading asshole in the state!

  4. This wouldn’t be an issue if his campaign had simply done the petition drive correctly. I’m not saying that Virginia’s petition requirement is easy, but it’s not THAT hard to where a campaign with the kind of money that Perry has couldn’t have made it. This was poor planning folks.

    It serves Perry right that he didn’t make it on the ballot anyway. He was certainly no friend of ballot access fairness for minor party and independent candidates as Governor of Texas.

  5. True, but the residency requirement is BS.

    Best case scenario is that he wins his case, but too late to get injunctive relief.

  6. Adding to 1 —

    Each State in the U.S.A. happens to be a NATION-State.

    1776 DOI, last para.
    1777 Art. Confed.
    1783 U.S.A.- Brit Peace Treaty
    1787 Const Art. I, Sec. 10 and Art. VII

    States plural.

    i.e. the State robots created the U.S.A. regime robots.

  7. Let me get this straight, the governor of the state with one of the most restrictive ballot access laws is suing a less restrictive state for its, as he put it, “unrealistic” ballot access laws? Looks like Perry needs to read the ballot access laws of his own state.

  8. 4

    Glad to know that Harriet Johnson is still with us, Brad.

    Governor William J. Le Perrymaine? Not too far off the mark, is it?

    “Work…work…work! Uh…how many ‘works’ is that, anyway – two or three?”

  9. The Constitution Party of West Virginia collected 22,000 in 2008 for Chuck Baldwin’s ballot access – and that was by a lot of very hard work, grueling travel, fair/festival activism, a handful of people, and limited funds. Perry and Gingrich are just plain disorganized; Not qualities one looks for in a U.S. President.

  10. “True, but the residency requirement is BS.”

    I agree that the petition circulator residency requirements are complete BS (and unconstitutional as well), but it sure if funny that Rick Perry is now on the side of easing ballot access considering that as Governor of Texas he vetoed a bill that would have eased ballot access for minor party and independent candidates.

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