American Third Position Nomines its First National Ticket

On January 12, American Third Position announced that it had nominated its first candidates for President and Vice-President. They are Merlin L. Miller for President and Virginia Deane Abernethy, both of whom live in Tennessee. Thanks to Independent Political Report for this news. The party is not now ballot-qualified in any state.

Miller is an independent film maker and Abernethy is a retired professor of psychiatry and anthropology. Abernethy was born in Cuba, but presumably her parents were U.S. citizens. See here for more information about her.


American Third Position Nomines its First National Ticket — No Comments

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  2. With a name like Merlin, Mr. Miller must certainly be accustomed to wearing pointy hats…now of the white variety.

  3. How many people were at the convention that chose these people? Do they not know that if the theological place of eternal damnation reaches zero degrees Kelvin, and they carry Tennessee, their electors won’t be able to vote for both of them?

  4. Like I said – pointy hat inbreeding – leads to incredible intelligence quotients. Whodja espect?

  5. #4, there is no problem. If the ticket carries Tennessee, one of them can just move to another state. That is what happened in 2000, when both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were registered to vote in Texas at the beginning of the campaign. Cheney just transferred his voter registration from Texas to Wyoming. What matters is where the candidates are living in December 2012, when the Electoral College votes. Prior residence doesn’t matter.

  6. Place of birth means ZERO.

    Nation-State allegiance status of father controls at birth status — subject to change by the kid/adult later.

  7. The nomination of Miller/Abernethy is a first small step for white America to reverse its decline and fall. If we keep pushing forward, eventually calumny will wane, self-awareness will re-assert itself and we will once again proudly build for our children’s future. We will, in short, secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
    Bill Johnson

  8. I don’t agree with the A3P on every issue, by any means (and I probably won’t vote for them…provided they even wind on the ballot here in South Dakota), but for people to just write them off as somehow akin to the Klan, is juvenile crap. I’m not really familiar with Mr. Miller, but Professor Abernethy is a serious intellectual. And to suggest that its totally illegitimate for White Americans to perceive they have any collective ethnic interests that might be worth organizing to defend, here in the year 2012, is simply preposterous hogwash. Of course we do. And if we don’t, then no one else does either. And everyone else is pushing for their own interests, so I see no reason why we shouldn’t do the same.

  9. NO. Stop dividing people by race, colour, creed, religion, sexuality, gender, etc. We’re AMERICANS. Our leaders must advance the interests of all people. White nationalism, black nationalism, etc. is all just racist B.S.

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  11. Breaking from the current false left-right political paradigm the A3P offers voters a genuine third party to support. Interested in reading an objective overview of the party and its positions Alicia Rose’s 5-page political party profile is highly recommended.

    Article: American Third Position (A3P) : Liberty, Sovereignty and Identity – Associated Content – Apr 2, 2010

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