Freedom Socialist Party Nominates its First National Ticket

On January 26, the Freedom Socialist Party announced that it has nominated its first national ticket. The presidential nominee is Stephen Durham of New York, and the vice-presidential nominee is Christina Lopez of Washington state. See here for more about the ticket.

The Freedom Socialist Party has run nominees for various public offices starting in 1991. It has had candidates for Congress, state legislature, or city office, in California, New York, Oregon, and Washington. Thanks to IndependentPoliticalReport for the link.


Freedom Socialist Party Nominates its First National Ticket — No Comments

  1. How do the F.S.P. folks differ from the national socialists in Germany in 1933-1945 or the soviet socialists in the U.S.S.R. in 1917-1991 ???

    I.E. – what does *socialist* mean in 2012 ???

    Something magically new and different ???

  2. Response to Demo Rep:

    What does “socialist” mean in 2012? In a nutshell, it means advocating a society in which the 99% exercise real democratic control of a social system that guarantees our rights and provides healthcare, education and other fundamental human needs to all, rather than the current capitalist system in which we are perpetually ripped off and run over by the class of the owners and profiteers. Have you checked out the link to The FSP program has real, workingclass—and workable!—solutions to offer to the economic crisis and the ever growing-inequity and injustice of the status quo.
    Doug Barnes
    Campaign Manager

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