Peace & Freedom Party Attempts to Persuade California Secretary of State to List All Four Presidential Candidates in Party Presidential Primary

The Peace & Freedom Party is carrying on an active campaign to persuade California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to list all four presidential candidates that the party suggested for its presidential primary ballot. See this story in the Sacramento Bee, which says the party has a press conference at 10 a.m. in Sacramento on Thursday, February 9. The story starts with another topic at the top; just continue reading beyond the first-listed item.

The story implies that the reason the Secretary of State left one of the four candidates off the party’s presidential ballot, Peta Lindsay, is that she is under age 35. However, the reporter seems unaware that the California State Court of Appeals already determined that parties, not the Secretary of State, should make their own determinations of eligibility. In Keyes v Bowen, C062321, decided on October 25, 2010, the Appeals Court wrote, “Any investigation of eligibility is best left to each party, which presumably will conduct the appropriate background check or risk that its nominee’s election will be derailed by an objection in Congress.” See this wiki page for Lindsay.

Furthermore, if the basis for the Secretary of State’s action is that Lindsay is under age, that still doesn’t explain why she omitted the name of Stephen Durham from the ballot. Durham only recently announced his presidential candidacy, so he hasn’t had much time to publicize it, but he is the subject of a lengthy, full-page article in the Freedom Socialist, issue of February-March 2012.

An internet petition is circulating, asking the Secretary of State to list the two omitted candidates. The two candidates who are not omitted are Rocky Anderson and Stewart Alexander. However, it is somewhat likely that Rocky Anderson will withdraw from the PFP primary, and if he does, and if the Secretary of State’s action is not reversed, the presidential primary will carry only one name. UPDATE: here is a story from indybay.


Peace & Freedom Party Attempts to Persuade California Secretary of State to List All Four Presidential Candidates in Party Presidential Primary — No Comments

  1. Ralph Nader was on the PFP primary in 2008 and he won it. He got 2,620 votes; Cynthia McKinney got 1,385; Gloria La Riva got 1,292; Brian Moore got 355; John Crockford got 346; Stewart Alexander got 340; Stanley Hetz got 106. But you’re right, the PFP primary is not binding.

  2. The MADNESS gets worse.

    The gerrymander Congress is NOT the judge of the constitutional qualifications of a Prez.

    The COURTS are.

  3. The previous story says the LP ballot will list the same 9 candidates the LP asked to list.

  4. #6, also, the Secretary of State has no direct evidence of Peta Lindsay’s age. Alan Keyes filed several lawsuits arguing that the California Secretary of State has a duty to investigate the qualifications of presidential candidates, but both federal and state courts in California said she has no such duty.

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  6. Richard Winger

    I vented the list submitted on January 13, 2012. I did so based on the 1875 Minor case, viz., a United States
    Citizen at birth and born in the United States of America, including incorporated territories, whose parents at the time of such birth were United States Citizens.

    Still eleven were rejected by California Secretary of
    State Debra Bowen. She will not tell either C. T. Weber, or myself, why she rejected 11 of the persons
    on the January 13, 2012 list (or 2 persons on his list)I submitted. It was declared by United States Secretary of State Charles Evens Hughes on May 13, 1924 that Walter Nayakik’s mother was a “ward of the United States Government”. Yet on January, 1941 his mother was naturalized under the terms of a collective
    naturalization act as an Eskimo. Walter Nayakik was born in the Territory of Alaska (organized in 1912) in 1952. Barry Goldwater was not born in a State, but was
    born in the United States in the incorporated Territory
    of Arizona. Is it the reason that California Secretary of State Debra Bowen rejecting Walter Nayakik for POTUS,
    because he was an Eskimo born in the Territory of Alaska, in 1952? See will not tell her reason for rejection.

    Bottom line a lawsuit will be filed next week over this
    issue. More to come.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  7. Just noted spelling error above. I wrote “See”, but it should of stated “She” for California Secretary of State
    Debra Bowen.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party.

  8. I just noted a very significant signature on the petition to Secretary Bowen. Stewart Alexander, who was included on the ballot by Bowen, has signed the petition demanding that his omitted opponents be listed on the ballot too. (His is signature #134.)
    The de-listing of his opponents, as he seems to recognize, hurts rather than helps him. If he wins the primary without his opponents being listed, the “victory” would be worthless.
    Could readers of all political persuasions please click on the petition (the link is posted here on BAN) and strike a blow for fairness and democracy? Thanks!

  9. Since 11 of the AIP candidates were left off, can primary voters write in names? Also, when is the officers meeting or committee meeting of the AIP when the party decides/announces which candidate will be on the ballot for the AIP in California for President?

  10. If this person is nominated by the PFP… would the state of California list them on the general election ballot?

  11. California permits write-ins in primaries, but they won’t be counted unless the candidate filed as a declared write-in candidate before the primary.

    Peace & Freedom presidential primaries have always just been “beauty contests” and are not binding. Lenora Fulani won the PFP presidential primary in both 1988 and 1992, but neither time did the PFP state convention nominate her for President. That may be one reason why the Fulani organization, which still exists, has been so happy that Prop. 14 passed in California. Revenge.

  12. To Richard Winger (#15) above:

    There is an additional, interesting, fact about the 1988 general election for president. The Peace and Freedom Party’s Sacramento County Central Committee issued a dual endorsement for the write-in campaigns of Dr. Lenora Fulani and Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy. (The Party had split into warring factions at the State Nominating Convention, that year, and no agreement on a presidential nominee was possible.)

    Philippe L. Sawyer, Member:
    Sacramento County Central Committee
    Peace and Freedom Party of California

  13. To Kenvin Akin (#12) above:

    It is also possible that Mr. Stewart Alexander’s support for the petition is more altruistic than anything else.

  14. To post number 16. It is hard to believe Eugene McCarty
    would go to war with anyone. For those of us that knew
    Senator MaCarty well, if he liked what you ordered for a meal he was your meal partner, because he was fast with his knife and fork, he would get the better part of the meal.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party.

  15. Another very significant petition signature: This morning, I find that Rocky Anderson has signed the petition to the Secretary of State. He added a comment: “I will withdraw my name if all declared candidates are not on the primary ballot.” Oh, my. So if Bowen does not relent and agree to follow the actual law, or the omitted candidates do not qualify by petition, the primary choice between four candidates will become a one-candidate list, a farce that will help no one determine the wishes of the voters.

  16. It is my plan to go to the Sacramento Superior Court this week with a writ of mandate. I am now looking for
    Plaintiffs in Sacramento County that are register either
    in the American Independent Party or have no party preference or is registered in a non qualified party.

    I have not asked Richard Winger yet if it O.K. to use this website as bulletin board to locate plaintiffs that
    if they would vote on June 5, 2012 and registered in
    Sacramento County that would like to vote for one of the
    11 persons that I posted on January 13, 2012.

    It should be noted that P&F will have a closed primay and AIP will be open to the non party voters or voters
    in non qualified parties.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  17. To Mark Seidenberg (#19) above:

    Since you wrote “Senator,” it appears that you were referring to Senator Eugene J. McCarthy when you mentioned “Eugene McCarty” (you dropped the “h” in his last name). The Senator was not in attendance at that State Nominating Convention. I was told that he had been informed beforehand about what was likely to happen and decided not make the trip. Many of his supporters (including me) were there, however.

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