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Jill Stein Meets Matching Funds Threshold in Two More States

Published on March 20, 2012, by in General.

Jill Stein, who is seeking primary season matching funds, recently received enough private contributions from residents of Illinois and Wisconsin so that those states now count toward the legal goal of twenty states. She had already met the threshold in California, Massachusetts, and New York. The law requires at least $5,000 from each of twenty states.

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  1. raymond

    I am a candidate running for House of Delegates in West Virginia as a Moutain Party candidate. I need help in my campaign. Please donate to my campaign and help me to win in a state that hasn’t voted for change in over 80 years. My website is http://davisforwvhouse.webs.com

  2. Ad Hoc

    Looks like Gary Johnson has 15 states and is closing in in several others


  3. Upstartgreen

    Anyone wanting to help Jill Stein qualify for matching funds should go to; http://www.jillstein.org

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