Nebraska Bill Advances, Would Make it Easier for Parties to Remain on the Ballot

On March 30, Nebraska LB 1035 passed the Senate on second reading. This is the bill to make it easier for a party to remain on the ballot. Currently, it must pass the 5% vote test every two years. The bill says that when a party passes the 5% vote test, it is then ballot-qualified for the next four years.

It is somewhat likely the bill will pass third reading on April 3.


Nebraska Bill Advances, Would Make it Easier for Parties to Remain on the Ballot — No Comments

  1. While I realize this article deals with a Nebraska ballot access bill, I want to take the liberty of its current prominence of posting on BAN to remind all that SB 15 will come before the Alabma Senate on Tuesday, April 3rd.

    Below, is the body of the generic letter I wrote to each of Alabama’s Senators. It reads as follows:

    “Dear Senator:

    I would like to ask you to vote for SB 15 when it comes up on the Special Order Calendar in the Senate on Tuesday, April 3rd.

    This bill is a fair and reasonable bill. It reduces, to a reasonable 5000 signatures for statewide candidates, from the almost impossible task of obtaining some 45,000 valid signatures just for a statewide independent candidate or a 3rd party, to have it nominee on the General Election Ballot.

    Just think about it. What if you had to obtain some 3% of the signatures of the registered voters of your senatorial district on a petition just to have your name placed on the primary election ballot? You probably would find it somewhat of a task (and additional expense) to do so.

    Fortunately, you only have to pay a filing fee to get your name on your primary ballot. Independents and/or 3rd parties do not have this option. They must petition just to get their names on the General Election ballot.

    Again, please vote for this reasonable and worthwhile bill – SB 15. It is only about fairness and that is all we ask.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss it further.”

    I concluded this email letter with my name, my phone number, and my email address. This should be on each letter sent to the senator in case he or she does wish to discuss it with you.

    As I have explained in previous posts, Ms Janet Von Gal of the Alabama Senate will graciously make copies of your email and place in the box of each senator. Her email address is

    Write your appeal for support of this bill in your own words. Don’t be hostile in your wording or vent your opposition of the two major parties. The senators are not interested in that and it will turn them off. Send your email to Ms Von Gal immediately. On Monday she will have time to get a copy of it to each senator, and hopefully each will have read it when they return on Tuesday AM. If these senators find sufficient support for this bill, they will be inclined to vote for it.

    But it is up to you and me.

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