Six Wisconsin Democratic Voters Ask Elections Officials to Remove “Insincere” Democratic Candidates from May 8 Recall Primary

On April 12, six Democratic voters asked Wisconsin election officials to remove six candidates from the May 8 recall primary, on the grounds that even though they obtained enough valid signature, they are running in Democratic primaries and they are not Democrats. Wisconsin does not have registration by party, so the complaint attaches news clippings to demonstrate that the six particular candidates are not loyal to the Democratic Party. Instead, the complaint says, the six candidates filed in the six recall elections (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and four State Senate districts) to make sure that Democrats have a primary for all six offices.

Recall petitions in Wisconsin, when successful, do not simply ask voters if the incumbent should be recalled. Instead, they trigger special elections, in which the recalled office-holder may run to retain the office. If there were no party primaries in these special elections, the special elections would be on May 8. But if more than one candidate from the same party files, then a special primary is held on May 8 and the special general election is held June 5. The complaint alleges (and no one disputes the allegation) that the motivation for some of the candidates who filed in the Democratic primary is to make sure there is a contested Democratic primary, which results in the special general election itself being a month later. Republican office-holders don’t want the special general elections in the State Senate races on May 8 because there is a bona fide Democratic primary that day for Governor, which is expected to attract a large Democratic turnout. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


Six Wisconsin Democratic Voters Ask Elections Officials to Remove “Insincere” Democratic Candidates from May 8 Recall Primary — No Comments

  1. Any New Age *blood oaths* to a bunch of robot party hack extremists ???

    See the blood oath taken by the various German MORONS regarding Hitler as the Leader of the regime in the 1930s.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. — the tyrants are on the march.

  2. I think they lose the case unless they can get a federal court to make an order on political association grounds. And they are just as likely to rule that in Wisconsin, voters are free to form new political associations with each election.

    Wisconsin permits nomination by multiple parties, with the candidate choosing the party after the primary, and there is nothing on the candidacy form that indicates fealty.

    Wisconsin also gives primary voters the ballot of all parties attached together, and they detach the ballot of the party that they want to vote for, and deposit it in one ballot box, and discard the ballot of the other parties in another ballot box. Even if this last step is public, there wouldn’t be a record of it. And there are alternative formats where the parties are presented in separate columns.

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