Fragmentary California Polling Suggests Orly Taitz Might Place Second in U.S. Senate Race on June 5

On June 5, California will hold its primary. In the U.S. Senate race, Democratic incumbent Dianne Feinstein is running for re-election. Because California is using a top-two primary on June 5, all candidates from all parties run on a single primary ballot. That ballot contains six Democrats, 14 Republicans, no independents, one Libertarian, one American Independent, and two Peace & Freedom Party members, for a total of 24 names.

There have been no authoritative polls in this race, but to the extent any polls have been taken, they suggest that Feinstein and Orly Taitz will place first and second. Orly Taitz is on the ballot as a Republican, and no other Republican running in the race holds elected office or enjoys high name recognition. Taitz is an Orange County attorney who has been working for four years to find and publicize evidence that President Obama does not meet the constitutional qualifications. Her ballot label is “Doctor/attorney/businesswoman.”

The other Republicans on the ballot, and their occupational ballot labels, are: John Boruff businessman; Oscar Alejandro Braun businessman/rancher; Greg Conlon businessman/CPA; Elizabeth Emken businesswoman/nonprofit executive; Rogelio Gloria graduate student/businessman; Dan Hughes small business owner; Dennis Jackson aerospace general manager; Dirk Allen Konopik MBA student; Donald Krampe retired administration director; Robert Lauten no occupation listed; Al Ramirez businessman; Nachum Shifren educator/author/businessman; Rick Williams business attorney.

California is the only state that prints the occupation of each candidate on ballots.


Fragmentary California Polling Suggests Orly Taitz Might Place Second in U.S. Senate Race on June 5 — No Comments

  1. The U.S.A. Senate is THE ANTI-Democracy legislative body in the U.S.A. — semi-permanent.

    Abolish the minority rule U.S.A. Senate.

    P.R. for ALL legislative bodies.

  2. LOL….top one and a half sure is getting us more “moderate” candidates if this holds up

  3. This is truely an incomplete story. The truth is this poll that everybody touts Orly as being in second shows her only 1 point ahead of businessman Al Ramirez. She is so lacking in competence that she also fails to mention that she basically ripped off and plagerized the entire Ramirez press release about this poll on her website! It also shows a big portion of Orly’s support is among people under 25 making less than 25K per year and are single women with children. All demographics who either fail to vote come election day or are inconsistent in polls. The poll in question has a 4 point margin of error which puts Ramirez in the hunt for the 2nd position. What is most noteworthy among Republicans is Ramirez polls at 15% while Emken, the CRP endorsed candidate polls at 2%. Even among Republicans Orly is polling within the margin of error and is viturally tied among Republicans with Al Ramirez. Furthermore, Al Ramirez has proven himself to be a serious and credible candidate versus Orly who not only is on a self promoting witch-hunt she has a ton of baggage related to her legal practice. She’s accused of hiring felons, facing disbarrment and other less than respectable accustations that anyone can find on the internet by doing a basic google search. Orly is unfit for any public office nomination or election to the US Senate. The voters will be smart enough to see that and nominate a credible alternative to Feinstein if only to keep the state from being a national laughing stock. Beyond what it is already.

  4. @4 Making CA a national laughingstock would be awesome!

    Democratic organizations and grassroots should do everything possible to help get the Taitz voters out to the polls, and supporters of alternative parties and independents should join in to show the whole world what a terrible system “top one and three quarters” is!

    Go Orly Go, you crazy birther nut you….make the top two, I’m rooting for ya!

  5. Seriously folks, we need a serious effort to register single women with children under 25 making less than 25K per year to vote and getting them to the polls for this election. I’m talking free cigarettes, free beer, free lotto tickets, free condoms, free diapers, free child care for election day, the whole shebang! Every trailer park door, cheap apartment complex unit and long term stay motel room in the state should have doors knocked on til they post “campaign workers will be shot if they knock on this door again” signs!

  6. How many bribe FELONIES in #6 ???

    How many Communists in the U.S.A. who would LOVE to have the *government* have TOTAL control over the life, liberty and property of ALL persons ???

    i.e. 100 or even 1,000 percent tax rates ??? — for those *good government* purposes, of course.

    Super easy to be a statist communist with the income and assets of OTHER folks.

    See the 1917-1991 dead U.S.S.R. — a fine example of tyrants in action.

  7. Real easy to be a corporatist capitalist with the sweat and labor of OTHER folks. See the 1929 depression – a fine example of concentrated income and inadequate aggregate demand.

  8. California is the only state that prints the occupation of each candidate on ballots.

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  11. @7

    None whatsoever.

    Encouraging people to vote is not a felony.

    Encouraging classes of people – women, young people, poor people, or what have you – to register and to vote is not a felony.

    Encouraging people from a certain town, neighborhood, etc, to vote is not a felony.

    I did not suggest inducements to vote for a particular candidate, although a particular candidate may benefit.

    Not sure what your non-sequitur about Soviet Russia was all about. Are you suggesting Ms. Taitz is a Communist?

  12. I saw a comment denigrating me and promoting Al Ramirez. Here are the true facts.
    I am licensed attorney and a licensed doctor. Not only I never faced any disbarrment, I never had any action taken against me. My license in clean and it can be checked with the CA bar. For 25 years I ran 2 dental practices with 25,000 patients, while together with my husband of 25 years I raised 3 sons, all of whom are in the university now, 2 are in IVY league universities.
    Al Ramirez never created a business, never created a job. He has the most minimum education of a BS in political science, he worked as a salesman for a computer company all his life and by the age of 40 he does not have a family or children or a long time partner, who can speak about Ramirez and his ability to make a commitment. Ramirez simply saw Rubio winning in FL and decided to be another Rubio, but has no life achievents to show for. 2 years ago, when I ran for the Secretary of State, over half a million people voted for me. Very few voted for Ramirez in his race.
    Vote for someone with achievents in life, not empty speeches

  13. Good Morning Orly Taitz God Bless You And I Think Your Very Close In Proving “Bari M. Shabazz” Is Barack H. Obama, I Have Checked Everything Out And It Leads To This Car Accident In Honolulu Mar 12 1982, Driving W/O Lic. Then April 9 2003 Someone Shows Up With A Drivers Lic And Also A “Death Certificate” “Without Proof” Offered “V” Only Verified. Can You Show More Info?? Mr Stewart

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