Instant Runoff Voting Seems Secure in Oakland

Opponents of Instant Runoff Voting have not prevailed this year, in their attempts to persuade Oakland, California, to abandon it. See this story. The city council will not repeal it, and the opponents’ plans to circulate an initiative to repeal it have been called off.


Instant Runoff Voting Seems Secure in Oakland — No Comments

  1. IRV = THE method from Hell to elect single officers when the mysterious muddles middle is divided.

    34 S–M–H
    33 H–M–S
    16 S–M–H
    16 H–M–S

    Gee who has a mere 99 of 99 votes in 1st + 2nd place votes ???

    How many math MORONS in governments and the know-it-all media ???
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. Thomas — your math of course applies to runoff elections as well, and of course your candidate M would lose under the rules of EVERY single winner voting method used for any single winner governmental election ANYWHERE in the world. Yet you and your math mates make it seem like it’s unique to instant runoff voting.

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