Ron Paul Has Potential of Enough Support to be Placed in Nomination at Republican Convention

Republican Party national convention rules do not permit anyone to be nominated unless the candidate has plurality “support” from at least five states. Ron Paul has been gaining enough delegates in the various party meetings that actually choose delegates, to have a chance at meeting the 5-state “support” rule. See this post about Massachusetts from PolicyMic, and this and this post about certain other states from DailyPaul. Last week it was clearly established that Paul has the most delegates of any candidate in Minnesota.


Ron Paul Has Potential of Enough Support to be Placed in Nomination at Republican Convention — No Comments

  1. i will only vote for paul if i didnt i might even vote for oboma simply because mitt is the same puppet for big bussiness (see campain donations)being the lesser of 2 evils but only for the fact mitt could stay for 8 yrs oboma can only rule for 4 more yrs

  2. What is really interesting is that many of these states have had their GOP chairs suddenly resign, especially after dubious vote counting, only to be replaced by Ron Paulicans.

  3. I am a Ron Paul supporter and have been for 12 years, but if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination I would rather deal with a one term Romney than a two term Obama! We can’t let Obama get a second term!

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  6. @dustup: If you vote for Romney and he somehow wins reelection in 2016 you’ve basically put 8 more years of Obama in office…I’d rather have him in for only 4 more years.

  7. ^Truth + it doesn’t matter. Obama would flatline Romney w/o incident. Only Paul can peal away the Reagan dems and indies that would deny O a 2nd term.

  8. I’m not in love with this site or its methods, but still it has a point on this page:

    Obama = Romney = GW Bush

    If a candidate is in favor of fractional reserve banking and America as the world’s policeman (& by extension police state, over time), then they’re all pretty much the same.

  9. How many footnotes for polisci folks obsessed with losing Prez candidate nominations since 1832 ???

    How about SOME sanity ??

    ABOLISH the EVIL INSANE Prez/VP Electoral College with its about 15 percent of ALL States as being marginal battleground States/DC.

    Uniform definition of Elector in ALL of the U.S.A. — did NOT happen in 1787 due to slavery and property qualification stuff.

    Nonpartisan App.V. for ALL elected executive and judicial offices.

    ONE election — NONE of the MORON caucuses, primaries and conventions of the brain dead party hack robots since 1776/1787/1789/1832.

  10. I couldn’t give a crap less who wins between Obama and Romney, it doesn’t freaking matter! I’ll vote for the guy who SHOULD win, Gary Johnson.

  11. Is it arrogance or ignorance that makes Romney underestimate the risk of continuing his strategy to antagonize and ignore Ron Paul’s message on foreign policy? Appointing Pierre Prosper, Richard Grenell and having Marco Rubio give that infamous speech is more wood on Ron Paul’s campaign fire for sure. This process is much more then math and sofar Romney fails to understand it. Romney’s titanic could still sink on Ron Paul’s iceberg of which we have just seen the top as of yet.

  12. #15
    Israel Lobby controls foreign policy of both parties. See, for example,the book by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.

  13. I’m disappointed to see this otherwise credible site giving out misleading information. Romney won the MA state primary and the rules there say that he will get all of the elected delegates’ vote on the first round (in addition, the three party leader delegates all support Romney). In LA, only 15 NATIONAL convention delegates have been chosen so far: 10 for Santorum and 5 for Romney. In AK, the national convention delegates are Romney 8, Santorum 8, Paul 6, and Gingrich 2; the new Paul supporter chairman-elect in AK, reportedly, does not take office until after the convention so that is no delegate gain for Paul.

    As of now, MN is the only state with a plurality of national nominating convention support for Dr. Paul.

  14. not true. Ron Paul got 21 out 40 and Mitt Romney got 4 there are still 13 delegates at large.

  15. not true.In MA Ron Paul got 21 out 40 and Mitt Romney got 4, there are still 13 delegates at large.

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