Gary Johnson Nominated by Libertarian Party on First Ballot

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was nominated to be the Libertarian Party candidate for President. Here are the votes:

Gary Johnson 419
Lee Wrights 152
James Burns 12
Carl Person 3
None of the Above 3
Sam Sloan 2
Max Abramson 2
Ron Paul 1
Wayne Root 1

Judge Jim Gray was nominated for Vice-President. Here are the votes:

Jim Gray 357
Lee Wrights 229
Jim Burns 6
NOTA 7 votes


Gary Johnson Nominated by Libertarian Party on First Ballot — No Comments

  1. Now if ballot access in Oklahoma and Oregon can be attained there may be a sporting chance for 50 state and DC ballot status.

  2. How many LP members ???

    Even ONE percent of them DIRECTLY vote for a Prez candidate ???

    i.e. one more rigged/packed OLIGARCHY picking a candidate.

    How many TRILLIONS will the LP and Johnson get from the Donkeys – esp. in the marginal gerrymander E.C. States — to let the Donkeys DIVIDE and CONQUER in Nov. 2012 ???

    How many TRILLIONS will the Elephants (i.e. Romney’s gang of lawyers) spend in getting the LP and Johnson OFF the ballots ???

    Stay tuned.
    Abolish the timebomb E.C.

    Uniform definition of Elector-Voter in all of the U.S.A.

    NON-partisan App.V. for all elected executive officers and all judges.

    P.R. for legislative bodies.

    This stuff ain’t atomic physics.

  3. If the Libertarians had any brains at all they would have nominated Governor Jesse Ventura.

    I would rather watch paint dry than listen to Gary Johnson.

  4. @4… perhaps if Governor Ventura had expressed an interest they might have. He didn’t so they didn’t.

  5. Finally the Libertarian Party can stand tall as they have a successful 2 Term Governor and a true hard to the core Pro-Marijuana candidate.

  6. Governor Ventura did express an interest, but Jesse said he was not going to play games. The LP needed to come and talk with him.

    Jesse has a proven record of winning as a 3rd party candidate.

    But instead the LP selects an ultra-boring candidate that no one on earth could care about. The LP has no real interest in making an impact on elections. It is a debating society.

  7. “The LP needed to come and talk with him.”

    Why? To kiss his ring? I don’t think so!

  8. Jesse Ventura used to be good. Then he got into 9/11 Trutherism, trying to shift blame from the Muslims who attacked us in 2001, to an “evil” behind the scenes conspiracy by Bush/Cheney-ites controlled by “Jewish bankers.” He’s become a completely blithering idiot.

    No, speaking as a Libertarian Party activist going back to 1985, I gotta say, this is the best ticket since Clark/Koch. Better than Paul/Marrou. Better than Barr/Root. Much better than the totally bomb tickets of Bergland/Lewis and Badnarik/Campagna.

    Credibility matters. Johnson served two terms as Governor. Judge Gray, a long-serving County circuit judge. The media will take them seriously because of this.

    Two questions remain: Can they raise the necessary $$$? And can they garner 50-state ballot status.

  9. #9 That depends on the Libertarian lawsuit against Oklahoma’s ballot access laws in Federal court.

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