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West Virginia Presidential Primary Results

Published on May 8, 2012, by in General.

Here is a link to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s web page, for election returns for the May 8 primary. The only opponent of President Obama, a federal inmate named Keith Judd, has 40% as of the moment this posting is being made.

Judd is in prison in Texas. Here is an earlier story about him. He got on the West Virginia Democratic ballot by paying a filing fee of $2,500.

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  1. raymond

    I am running for WV House of Delegates in the 5th district. Please donate to my campaign and if you live in my district vote for me on Nov. 6th. Thank you. http://davisforwvhouse.webs.com/

  2. Demo Rep

    Will the TX felon now get a pardon from the TX regime ???

  3. Jeff Becker

    Obongo is anti-coal and has caused three power plants to shut down in West Virginia. This effects people statewide. Judd won Mingo, Logan, Boone, and Wyoming counties in southern state coal country, Webster, Clay and Gilmer in central, Hardy county in the eastern panhandle and Tucker county in the Potomac highlands. No surprises then that the governor and Senator Manchin have refused to acknowledge their vote for Barry.

  4. .

    Apparently Obama is so unpopular, a convicted felon can get 40% of the vote against him without even trying. Not a good sign for the Obama campaign.

  5. Juan J Nolla

    This is not a good sign for the President, even if it is in a state he had no chance to win anyways. But there are other signs as well.
    Obama lost various counties in Alabama to “uncommitted.”
    Obama lost various parishes in Louisiana to political unknowns.
    Obama lost various counties in Oklahoma to Randall Terry and another candidate.
    In North Carolina, over 20% of Democrats voted against Obama, in favor of “uncommitted.”

    And this is only in states that have held Democratic primaries and reported the results.

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