Gary Johnson Becomes Second Presidential Candidate This Year to Qualify for Primary Season Matching Funds

The Federal Election Commission has approved Gary Johnson’s request for primary season matching funds. Independent Political Report has the story here. The only other presidential candidate who has received primary season matching funds this year is Buddy Roemer, but, as noted earlier, he is no longer seeking the presidency.


Gary Johnson Becomes Second Presidential Candidate This Year to Qualify for Primary Season Matching Funds — No Comments

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  2. Is he just now getting the funds? The Libertarian primary season ended a few weeks ago.

  3. Congratulations to the Gary Johnson campaign. His latest money bomb has raised an additional $43,672 as of now.

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  5. How many $$$ TRILLIONS will Johnson get from the Donkeys to have such Donkeys DIVIDE AND CONQUER ??? — see 1860 and 1992

  6. Who’s matching funds these days? The US Treasury or the Koch brothers?

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  8. anyone see the irony here? A Libertarian gets money from a Gov’t handout program designed to boost establishment parties. I’m delighted on the one hand he’s getting financial funding, but I’d love to hear why he’s taking money from the gov’t he wishes to disassemble. Kind of like a candidate who’s a farmer getting federal subsidies while railing against Big Gov’t … or one who opposes green cards for illegal aliens but has one cutting his grass

  9. @11, You need to play by the rules that are in place before you can be in a position to change the rules.

  10. Peter, what irony?

    The money doesn’t go back to the taxpayers if he didn’t take it, it would go to other candidates/parties. And if it didn’t (that is if the checkoff was done away with) it would go to the government’s general fund.

    Also, Johnson doesn’t have any plans to disassemble the government.

    He’d like to rein in spending growth and balance the books, bring a bunch of the troops from around some of their least sane foreign commitments, stop bailouts of megacorporations, audit the fed, allow sick and dying people to use medical marijuana, advance marriage equality, repeal a few of the crazier excesses of the war of terror, and a few other things.

    Overall, spending would be scaled back all the way to the crazy Bush years (but still a good bit more than when that crazy anarchist Bill Clinton was president), civil liberties might go back to before 9/11 changed everything, and some federal jobs may go unfilled after the bureaucrats in question die of natural causes.

    Sounds really wild-eyed and anarchistic to me.

    True Foe may be surprised to find out that the Koch brothers have had nothing to do with the Libertarian Party since 1983, when they left in a huff because the delegates didn’t toe their line.

    These days the Kochs fund only the Republican Party, and perhaps some Democrats. Not a penny to the LP.

    As for DemoRep’s question of what Johnson will get from the jackasses, the answer may have been revealed when he spoke to the ACLU and was questioned by the audience after his speech if he would cost President Obama the election by taking away too many Democratic votes. After all Johnson was the best of the candidates surveyed by the ACLU on civil liberties and has made them the pre-eminent focus of his campaign, which is perhaps why opinion surveys show Johnson doing better with people who describe themselves as very liberal than with those who describe themselves as somewhat liberal, somewhat conservative or very conservative.

    Incidentally, DemoRep, what is it that we should see in 1992? Perot “took” exactly the same number of votes from Clinton and Bush, and got a bunch of people to vote who wouldn’t have otherwise. As a result we got a balanced budget for a few years, although debt has continued to climb due to interest and deficits resumed a few years later, now worse than ever.

    Wouldn’t it be horrible if Johnson had an effect like that?

  11. I am glad to see that someone is gaining ground. If anyone is interested in helping third party candidates win in West Virginia you can go to my website and donate or if you live in my district in West Virginia vote for me. Thank you.

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