U.S. District Court Enjoins Parts of Florida Law that Puts Severe Restrictions on Groups that Register Voters

On May 31, U.S. District Court Judge Robert L. Hinkle granted injunctive relief to some organizations that wish to register voters in Florida. Here is the 27-page order. The case is League of Women Voters of Florida v Browning, 4:11cv628.

The laws that were enjoined were passed by the legislature in 2011. The first law that is enjoined is one that says groups that register voters must return all such completed forms to the elections office within 48 hours of the voter’s having signed the form.

The second law is one that requires groups to identify every person who works on a voter registration drive, even if the individual only hands out leaflets.

The third law enjoined is one that requires everyone who works on a voter registration drive to sign a sworn statement that he or she knows that anyone who submits a voter registration form that includes any false information is guilty of a felony. That law makes little sense, because people who help others fill out voter registration forms must submit all completed forms to elections officials, whether there is any misinformation on the form or not. Furthermore, a volunteer in a voter registration drive probably wouldn’t know if anything a voter wrote on a card is false or not.

A fourth law enjoined is one that requires voter registration groups to account for every blank form.


U.S. District Court Enjoins Parts of Florida Law that Puts Severe Restrictions on Groups that Register Voters — No Comments

  1. What is the punishment, if any, for a non-qualified person being registered — i.e. giving false info to the person doing the registration ???

    Being an Elector is MAJOR SOVEREIGN stuff — NOT some trivial trip to a park or beach.

    i.e. are the folks allowed to be registering folks notary publics — i.e. trustworthy and having bonds ???

    i.e. How many MORON States allow private persons to do PUBLIC Elector registrations ???

    How much trouble for a person to have his/her documents and show up at a local election clerk to take an oath about being registered ???

    I.E. how many New Age leftwing usual suspects would LOVE to have New Age ILLEGAL Electors voting for leftwing usual suspects in elections ???

    I.E. to SUBVERT the system. — i.e. to OVERTHROW the Fed and State Constitutions via unconstitutional elections ???

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  3. Such laws are evidence of the great love that the Republican party has for democracy and freedom. They are true patriots. God bless every one of them.

  4. 3 –

    Tsk tsk tsk…how very cynical. I say there’s nothing wrong with preventing tens of thousands of Democratic voters or potential Democratic voters from voting if in doing so we prevent one illegal alien from voting.

    After all, if one drop of yellow egg yolk gets into a batch of pure egg whites, you can’t make a meringue.

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