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Salon Interviews Virgil Goode; Also Washington Post Story

Published on September 30, 2012, by in General.

On September 29, Salon posted this interesting interview with Virgil Goode. UPDATE: also, see this lengthy Washington Post story about his campaign.

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  1. Humongous Fungus

    This part was really interesting:

    “Q: How would you describe your political ideology?

    A: I’m a conservative, but with a focus on average people. For instance, I support Social Security and Medicare. And I disagree with Paul Ryan about the need to turn Medicare into a voucher program. Neither Obama nor Romney favors a true lockbox for Social Security. I do. “

  2. Will Fenwick

    The Constitution Party is really a nationalist party rather than a conservative party, its economic and foreign policy views take a more hardline nationalistic tone than the Republican party or democratic party do.

  3. JamesT

    @1…stuff like that blows my mind. How on earth did the CP nominate someone so out of touch with their platform.

  4. icr

    It’s hard for the CP to dump the vestiges of classical liberalism from its platform because the US was founded on liberalism and never had any native conservative intellectual tradition aside from some now-discredited strains of Southern thought. The classical liberal/libertarian intellectual hegemony on the US right is kept alive by the followers of Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard and Ayn Rand. The CP is kind of a throwback to the Coolidge Era blend of small govt classical liberalism, low immigration, high tariffs and non-belligerence in foreign policy.

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