Polls for Two Western U.S. Senate Races Show Minor Party Nominees Holding Balance of Power

Recently, a poll of the Montana U.S. Senate race showed these results: Tester (Dem. incumbent) 44%, Rehberg (Republican) 42%, Cox (Libertarian) 8%, undecided 6%.

A poll of the Nevada U.S. Senate race showed: Heller (Rep. incumbent) 47%, Berkeley (Democrat) 44%, Vanderbeek (Independent American) 4%, other or undecided 5%. Thanks to Mike for these.


Polls for Two Western U.S. Senate Races Show Minor Party Nominees Holding Balance of Power — 9 Comments

  1. Make it 3!

    New Mexico: Dem. Rep. Martin Heinrich’s poll conducted by GBA Strategies, shows Independent candidate Jon Barrie with 9%, Heinrich with 48%, and GOPer former Rep. Heather Wilson with 40%.

    Wilson poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, shows her at 42%, Heinrich at 43% and Barrie at 9%.

  2. @1 and Richard Thanks for the interesting info! Those races, if these numbers hold, would not only be good for 3rd party candidates but would be a big wakeup call to the republocrats. (I highly doubt that those candidates will get those numbers, unfortunately).

  3. At least in Montana, the Republican is worried, since he voted for things like No Child Left Behind, the Patriot Act, Real ID, S-Chip, Medicare Part D, and increased taxes and regulations. with a record like that and the Republican is still saying he’s just like Ron Paul because this Republican became a sponsor for the Audit the Fed bill. When an unknown challeges you in the primary and receives 32% of the vote against an incumbent, you know he’ll have trouble in the general election. Dan Cox will give the Republican trouble. The next debate will be in Kalispell MT and will be on the radio statewide, if stations decide to carry the broadcast, on the Northern Broadcasting Network.

  4. FYI, there is no “other” in the Nevada race; there’s only 3 candidates on the ballot.

  5. 666 gerrymander Senate – one of the EVIL compromises in the top secret 1787 Fed Convention.

    Think MINORITY RULE – in the making of U.S.A. laws, treaties and nominations- esp. for SCOTUS.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  6. #6 Bernie Sanders is a registered independent, he will definitely win the Vermont Senate seat. He caucuses with the dems

  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about Sanders; probably because he’s an incumbent. Any other indies or 3rds likely to win a Senate race?

  8. Gee – are minority winners even more EXTREMIST than majority winners in one party safe seat gerrymander areas ???

    See the many minority winners in the U.K. House of Commons, all parts of Canada, etc. — due to multiple *larger* parties in each gerrymander area.
    Save Civilization –

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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