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Montana Libertarian Polls 42.45% in Statewide Partisan Two-Party Race

Published on November 7, 2012, by in General.

Montana Libertarian nominee Mike Fellows polled 42.45% of the vote in his race for Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court. This is a partisan statewide race. Fellows’ only opponent was the Democratic incumbent, Ed Smith. Fellows’ showing is the largest percentage of the vote that a statewide Libertarian nominee has ever polled in any state, in the party’s history. Fellows carried at least 17 counties, and as this is written, many counties haven’t reported results yet.

5 Responses

  1. John Larson

    Mike just may have gotten more percentage votes, per buck spent, than any candidate in the country, in any state-wide campaign.

  2. Be Rational

    Congratulations to Mike Fellows and the Montana LP.

  3. George Whitfield

    Next time he may win.

  4. Arthur C. Barker

    Second the comment of Be Rational and let’s hope George’s “may” is replaced with “will.” Outstanding result!

  5. Dayl Thomas

    What wonderful news! Let’s keep working and win. Way to go Mike Fellows! You have made the LP very proud!

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