Approximately 4,000 Voters in Clarke County, Georgia, Cast Write-in Vote for Charles Darwin, for U.S. House

Only one name appeared on Georgia’s November ballot for U.S. House, 10th district. The only name on the ballot was incumbent Republican Paul Broun. However, according to this story, after Broun said recently that evolution was an idea “from the pit of hell”, an organized effort for write-in votes for Charles Darwin was launched. Clarke County, which includes Athens (home of the University of Georgia), tallied those write-ins, and says there are approximately 4,000.

Georgia has a law that requires write-in candidates to file a declaration of candidacy, if they wish their write-ins to be tallied. Therefore, the state official returns will never report the “Charles Darwin” results. But the county election officials were willing to do so. The daily newspaper in Athens will attempt to get the number of write-ins for “Charles Darwin” from the other counties in the 10th district. Thanks to PoliticalWire for this news.


Approximately 4,000 Voters in Clarke County, Georgia, Cast Write-in Vote for Charles Darwin, for U.S. House — 5 Comments

  1. Charles Darwin was a committed abolitionist, from a family that had been involved in the abolitionist movement for several generations. A good candidate for advocates of freedom to support.

  2. It’s too bad the organizers didn’t find a real live person named Charles Darwin who is a registered voter in Georgia. He could have filed as a declared write-in candidate for that US House seat, and then the state would have been required to tabulate all his write-ins, regardless of what the county election offices decide to do.

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