Liberty Union Party Polls its Highest Percentage of the Vote in its 42-Year History

On November 6, the Liberty Union Party of Vermont polled 13.4% for Secretary of State, its best statewide showing ever in its 42-year history. It has been on the ballot in all Vermont elections continuously starting in 1970. This year, its nominee for Secretary of State, Mary Alice Herbert, was the only candidate on the ballot against the incumbent Secretary of State, James C. Condos.

The party’s previous best showing for a statewide office had been 10.3%, for Treasurer, in 1978.

The only parties in any state, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, who have been on the ballot continuously for a longer period are the New York Conservative Party (starting in 1962), and the American Independent Party of California (starting in 1968).

The Liberty Union Party usually chooses a presidential nominee from among the various presidential candidates of parties of the left. Its presidential nominees have been: 1972 Benjamin Spock (Peoples Party); 1976 no nominee; 1980 David McReynolds (Socialist Party); 1984 Dennis Serrette (New Alliance Party); 1988 Willa Kenoyer (Socialist Party); 1992 Lenora Fulani (New Alliance Party); 1996 Mary Cal Hollis (Socialist Party); 2000 David McReynolds (Socialist Party); 2004 John Parker (Workers World Party); 2008 Brian Moore (Socialist Party); 2012 Stewart Alexander (Socialist Party). The party was barred from the ballot for President in 2012 because of a new law that requires qualified minor parties to submit their presidential nominee no later than June, whereas qualified parties that nominate by primary have until September to make their choice.

Because Liberty Union polled over 5% for a statewide race in 2012, it will now has “major party” status again, and its own primary. It had last had that status after the 2006 election.


Liberty Union Party Polls its Highest Percentage of the Vote in its 42-Year History — 5 Comments

  1. On September 23rd, 2012 at 9:01 am, Phil Sawyer wrote:

    Mary Alice Herbert, mentioned above [in a previous article on this Blog and in this article too] was the Liberty Union Party of Vermont’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2006. Before that, in 2004, she was the nominee of the Socialist Party USA for Vice President. Walt Brown was the Socialist Party USA’s candidate for President that year.

    This should be an especially interesting election year in Vermont for those of us who belong to the Socialist Party USA.

    Phil Sawyer adds on 11-10-12:

    The Liberty Union Party deserves hearty congratulations for excellent work this year and in past years. It seems to me that any political party from the center to the left should take serious note about this performance and consider seeking the presidential and vice-presidential nominations of this Party in 2016.

  2. I thought it wsa unfortunate that the LU was not a part of the Peace and Freedom Party’s initial efforts last year to form a united Left presidential campaign. Maybe with their renewed energy the LU will help build a broad coalition socialist party nationwide.

  3. I am happy to see this new vigor in Vermont’s Liberty Union Party. Thanks for the posting, Richard. And Phil, thanks for alerting me to this.

  4. Are there any Liberty Union Party members currently elected to public office in Vermont, both partisan and non-partisan?

  5. You are very welcome, David. I am eagerly looking forward to your next book, by the way. I hope that there will be one soon.

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