Seventeen Independent Candidates were Elected to State Legislatures

On November 6, it appears that seventeen independent candidates were elected to state legislatures. They include one in Georgia, four in Maine, one in Rhode Island, six in South Carolina, one in Tennessee, and four in Vermont.

The four in Vermont were Will Stevens, Paul Poirier, Adam Greshin, and Charles “Tim” Goodwin.

The one in Georgia was Rusty Kidd.

The winner in Tennessee was Kent Williams.

The winners in South Carolina were Katrina Shealy (State Senate); and Raye Felder, Samuel Rivers, Mike Ryhal, Robert Ridgeway, and Kevin Hardee.

The winner in Rhode Island was Edward J. O’Neill (State Senate).

The winners in Maine are Ben Chipman, James Campbell, Jeffrey Evangelos, and Joseph Brooks. Thanks to Peter Moody for help with the Maine list, and to Thomas Jones for the helpful referral to the web page of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Summing up the November 2012 election, 8 minor party nominees and 17 independents won legislative races, for a total of 25, the largest such number since Ballot Access News has been in existence, and probably the highest such number since the 1940’s.


Seventeen Independent Candidates were Elected to State Legislatures — 8 Comments

  1. This listing from the Bangor Daily News seems to have most of the election results in the state (though a few state house races do seem to be missing):

    From that list, the other three Maine independent legislators are James Campbell, Jeffery Evangelos, and Joseph Brooks. It also says an independent was elected to the Maine state senate as well.

  2. How many seconds before the EVIL empire gerrymander MONSTERS strike back — with the help of the SCOTUS robots — to prevent ANY real threat to the EVIL oligarchy system ???

  3. Most, if not all, of those “independent” candidates who won in South Carolina were bumped off the primary ballot over a technicality and thus refiled as petition candidates in the general election instead. Most notably, Katrina Shealy is the Republican who was the target of the lawsuit that caused the mess and ended up being endorsed by the Republican Party everywhere except on the ballot itself.

  4. Could you please publish a list of the 8 minor party candidates elected to state legislatures, their party, and the legislative house involved? This would be more convenient than trying to fish them out of the multiple blog posts (I can’t seem to find all 8).

  5. #7, there are 7 Progressives in Vermont, and one Green in Arkansas. The Green in Arkansas is Fred Smith in the 50th House district.

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