Randall Terry Received More Votes for U.S. House than for President

Randall Terry, well-known activist against legal abortion, ran for president this year as an independent candidate, and he also ran as an independent candidate for U.S. House in Florida’s 20th district. In his presidential race, in the three states in which he was on the ballot (Kentucky, Nebraska, and West Virginia) unofficial tallies credit him with 12,491 votes, plus an unknown number of write-ins in certain other states. But in his U.S. House race, where he was the only opponent to Democratic incumbent Alcee Hastings, he received 29,481 votes.

Associates of Terry ran as independent candidates for U.S. House in two Kentucky districts. Andew Beacham, in the 2nd district, received 6,304 votes; David Lewis, in the 4th district, received 8,673.


Randall Terry Received More Votes for U.S. House than for President — 7 Comments

  1. #1, I didn’t know that. The independents on the ballot in Iowa for US House were: district 1, Greg Hughes and George Krail; district 2, Alan Aversa; district 3, Soctt Batcher; district 4, Martin Monroe. If these names mean anything to you, let us know.

  2. According to Politics1.com, there was also a write-in candidate from the Socialist Workers Party named Anthony Dutrow in the same U.S. House race. So it could be changed to the only opponent listed on the ballot against incumbent Alcee Hastings.

  3. Hello,

    Actually, Randall Terry had 9 candidates running on his team of Pro-life candidates.

    You can check them out at http://www.prolifecandidates.com

    Angela Michael IL-15
    Alan Aversa IA-2
    George Krail IA-1
    Andrew Beacham KY-2
    David Lewis KY-4
    Stan Vaughan NV-1
    Russell Best NV-2
    David Macko OH-14
    Virginia Fuller CA-11 Fullerforcongress.org

    We are going to be back in every election until we get this mess straightened out.

    God Bless You,
    Andrew Beacham

  4. Apples and Oranges, Richard. In 2008, I carried more votes for Berkeley County Surveyor than Chuck Baldwin got for president statewide. Means nothing.

  5. For the historical record, I was the Libertarian candidate for Congress in the Ohio 14th District and supported Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President.
    As a pro-life Libertarian who supports the principles of Libertarians for Life, Doris Gordon’s website which promotes opposition to aggression against the preborn, http://www.l4l.org,as well as the L/libertarian principle of opposition to religious persecution, I welcomed the offer by Randall Terry to promote my candidacy as a Libertarian and to support the pro-life position. Once I determined that it would in no way indicate that I supported anyone other than Gary Johnson for President I eagerly participated in Mr. Terry’s defense of life and opposition to Obama’s persecution of the Catholic church and its members. If I had been given the opportunity to criticize Romney under the same conditions I would have done that, too.
    Should a similar opportunity arise in the future, I would proudly participate in it.

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