Mitt Romney Received Zero Votes in Nine Precincts in Cleveland

According to this story, Mitt Romney received zero votes in nine precincts in Cleveland, Ohio. In seven of those precincts, though, some minor party or independent presidential candidates received votes. Thanks to Jim Goodluck for the link.

Also, in Hill County, Montana, precinct #28, which seems to be entirely or almost entirely on a Chippewa Cree reservation, the vote for President was: Obama 552, Gary Johnson 8, Mitt Romney 2. The U.S. Senate results in the same precinct are: the Democratic nominee received 551; the Libertarian nominee received 5; the Republican nominee received 2. Thanks to Mike Fellows for that news.

It would be interesting to see if there are any precincts that are composed of all Latter-Day Saint members (perhaps in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, or Nevada) that were unanimous for Romney. Of course not all LDS members are Republicans.


Mitt Romney Received Zero Votes in Nine Precincts in Cleveland — 5 Comments

  1. Antone who saw the live audience in Boston which watched Romney give his concession speech would not be surprised by these stats.

    I had to manually reduce the brightness on my TV for the first time in about thirty years.

  2. There was a precinct in Houston that voted 100% for Newt Gingrich in the presidential primary (on 100% turnout).

  3. King County, Texas was 95.9% Romney, 3.4% Obama, 0.7% Johnson on 79% turnout.

    Every county in Texas has at least 4 election precincts so it is possible, perhaps likely, that Obama did not get one of his five votes in every one of them.

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