Politico Election Returns Web Page Has Gary Johnson at 1,206,361

The Politico web page that shows election returns changes every day. Most state election officials make available a running tally of votes counted, and the people in charge of the Politico page note those changes and include the new figures. However, not all state election web pages show any election returns; these states post no figures until they are final. For those states, of course, the Politico figures haven’t been changing and merely reflect the election night tally gathered by news media.

Adding up the totals as of the evening of November 13, Gary Johnson now has 1,206,361 votes. There are no write-in vote tallies for him from Michigan yet, but there will be when Michigan finishes its tally.


Politico Election Returns Web Page Has Gary Johnson at 1,206,361 — 12 Comments

  1. Might not beat Ed Clark’s percentage record, but that’s still damn impressive. Imagine what he could have done with debate access?

  2. Well he’s definitely beat Ed Clark’s national vote total record by far. Impressive in any regard for a Libertarian campaign, but i thought for sure he would be the national percentage record as well. I imagine the state level percentage record will stand for at least the next decade, unless the libertarian party manages to build up grassroots support.

  3. Yes, and he (or they including Gray) was (were) only one of seven Libertarian Party candidates to receive more than one million votes this year. It was only two years ago that the very first LP candidate in the 41-year history of the Party got more than that mark.

    But what may be truly amazing is if Johnson starts building now for another run in four years. No Ron Paul distractions next time. No preliminary runs as a Republican. Just firing on all cylinders right through the LP Presidential Nominating Convention in 2016.

  4. In the meantime, the party needs to gain ballot access to even more states in 2016 so that the party doesn’t waste as much time petitioning instead of campaigning. That may mean running candidates for governor and/or some other offices in 2014.
    In the states where petitioning is still required, the party ought to start NOW collecting names of people who say they are willing to sign a petition, so that when the first petitioning date comes, someone can go to their house. The party should also verify in advance that they are registered to vote, etc.

  5. Libertarians should fight in every state, I think. However, the best formula would be for Libertarians to focus on the heavily Democratic or Republican states.

    Big states like Illinois, Texas, New York and California tell the “second party” voters that their votes wouldn’t have helped Romney win IL, NY or CA, or Obama win TX.

    Small states like Delaware, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, Utah, West Virginia, Nebraska or New Mexico tell the “second party” voters that their votes wouldn’t have helped Obama win MT, ND, SD, AK, ID, UT, NE or WV, or Romney win DE, ME, NM, VT or HI.

    The safe state strategy should be considered fundamental.

  6. @ #3

    Ron Paul was not a “distraction” but an essential part of Gary’s effort, IMO. Ron helped build up awareness for libertarian ideas in the major media, and provided a base of support from frustrated Ron Paul supporters. I think in 2016, Rand Paul should run as the Republican libertarian, and Gary Johnson should be positioned to pick up the pieces when Rand falls short.

  7. im not a libertarian but free advice is concentrate on getting in to congress that will be the tipping point for third party acess in usa and that would require planning in the chosen district now.

  8. w00t. The people have spoken.

    Fear Gary Johnson 2016, f@$ci$t duopoly! Imagine what Gary can do with 50 state ballot access, debate inclusion, and a strong base of support in ’16.

  9. Walter, with all due respect, I believe Ron Paul was a distraction with regard to Johnson’s campaign, which was in low gear prior to the conclusion of the Republican Nomnination process. Perhaps they felt they owed that to Dr. Paul. If so, Rep. Paul returned the favoer by not endorsing anyone for some reason.

    Larry, I agree with you regard to getting things going NOW! … or at least after a short rest break. And I would make damn sure that the Soviet Republic of Oklahoma receives top priority in terms of ballot access for 2016.

    Jed, I agree. I don’t think any Libertarian or libertarian Republican could endorse Mitt Romney as Rand Paul did. His father sure didn’t.

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