Presidential Vote Totals So Far

At least two states, Georgia and Wyoming, have released their official election returns for President (although Georgia hasn’t released write-in totals). A few other states have election web pages that continuously update, as more votes are counted; these states seem to be Alaska, Arizona, California, and Washington. Wyoming says there are 2,035 presidential write-ins, but the state web page doesn’t break them down.

When one combines the election night totals from the states not mentioned above with the totals for the states that are mentioned above, these are the minor party and independent presidential national vote totals so far:

Libertarian, Gary Johnson, 1,213,306
Green, Jill Stein, 432,296
Constitution, Virgil Goode, 118,551
Peace & Freedom, Roseanne Barr, 56,349
Justice, Rocky Anderson, 38,889
America’s Independent Party, Tom Hoefling, 33,509
independent Randall Terry, 12,986
independent Richard Duncan, 12,148
Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peta Lindsay and her stand-in, 9,138
Reform (three different presidential candidates together) 6,525
Will Christensen, Oregon Constitution Party, 4,283
Objectivist, Tom Stevens, 4,066
Socialist, Stewart Alexander, 3,946
Socialist Workers, James Harris, 3,868
Grassroots, Jim Carlson, 3,172
American Third Position, Merlin Miller, 2,833
We the People, Samm Tittle, 2,504
Twelve Visions, Jill Reed, 2,394
independent Jerry Litzel, 1,196
Socialist Equality, Jerry White, 1,130
Constitutional Government, Dean Morstad, 1,106
NSA Did 911, Jeff Boss, 907
Prohibition, Jack Fellure, 519

The Politico election returns web page, as of November 15, says that President Obama has 62,611,250 votes, and Mitt Romney has 59,134,475. Staff at Politico seem to be updating their totals as some states release new figures, and yet no one at that web page, as of November 15, has updated their totals to take account of the new, official figures from Georgia and Wyoming.

Among the parties that were on the ballot for president in both 2008 and 2012, the only ones that polled more votes in 2012 than in 2008 are the Republican, Libertarian, Green, Socialism & Liberation, Reform, and Objectivist Parties. Among those, the Libertarian, Socialism & Liberation, and Objectivist Parties polled their highest presidential vote totals ever, and it is very likely the Republican Party did as well, but that won’t be known for sure until all the votes are counted.

Current percentages are: Obama 50.61%, Romney 47.80%, all others 1.59% (of which Gary Johnson has .98%). In 2008, percentages were: Obama 52.93%, John McCain 45.65%, all others 1.42%.


Presidential Vote Totals So Far — 15 Comments

  1. The SC vote totals can’t be final yet, because the Richland County totals haven’t been certified. They will be announced tomorrow morning at 8 AM.
    You’ll find the county totals here:

  2. #1, thank you very much. I saw a news story that said South Carolina had released its official returns, but I believe you and I just now amended the post.

  3. There are many states that Politico is not keeping up with. The vote in my state, Maryland, increases daily but Politico hasn’t updated recently and is already missing about 100,000 votes. Kudos to my state for updating write-in totals as they are counted, I hope all of the counties actually do counts (that includes you Baltimore City!). Santa Claus, a certified write-in candidate, continues to top Virgil Goode for the most votes. I have no idea why none of the Socialist related parties didn’t certify their candidates, how much trouble could it be?

  4. What sayeth Perot 1992 and Nader 2000 ???

    What is the State with the latest deadline for reporting the stats ???

  5. The Party for Socialism and Liberation did very well with its ballot access drive this year, but did rather poorly for the number of states it was on (the other three socialist parties combined got nearly as many votes).

    The Objectivist Party clearly has room to grow as it bested last years results, yet was only on the ballot in two states (Colorado and Florida). They have yet to gain access in Louisiana which is fairly easy, and to my knowledge have never even attempted a petitioning drive for access. New Jersey and a couple other states could be feasible for them to achieve access, though their votes definitely draw away from the Libertarian party.

  6. Yes, the PS&L really did poorly in the end, considering the resources they must have used to get on thirteen ballots. I wonder what the story is there? Were they expecting to get the Peace and Freedom line and without it gave up on campaigning?

  7. North Carolina Write in total can not be for sure yet but looks like it has stayed steady at around 11,000 write-ins for president. Virgil Goode was the only write in and they oringally posted over 12,000 write ins. I assume after they canvass today that the total will be certified. We will get a official number later in the month.

  8. @5 I know one of my friends who wrote in Ron Paul here in California.

    @7 Yes. The Objectivist party needs to die and merge with the Libertarian Party. Any efforts on the OP’s part will be wasted, draining away valuable time, support, and money that the LP can certainly use to build up to 2014 and 2016. I like the OP’s resolve and positions on most issues, but its efforts should be in the LP. The vote total doens’t matter as much – the OP isn’t that good yet at organizing ballot access. The larger issue potentially is money and supporters, not necessarily votes.

  9. BTW, the $ociali$t parties did relatively poorly this year. I guess Jill Stein was a strong enough GP candidate that she drew some leftist votes away from more radical sociali$t parties.

  10. @11 I suspect the Socialists lost as many if not more votes to Obama than to Stein. Stein will also have lost votes that way in an election which was tight and with the prospect of a President Romney

  11. Looking at the numbers…..Rocky Anderson has to rank as a major flop since he got less than 10 percent of what the Green ticket pulled. The Prohibition Party, the oldest third party, remains on life support. I think they need another Gene!

  12. Not that the Prohibition Party is ever going to really take root in America again, but I really think they screwed up in nominated Fellure over Hedges. Jim should try again in 2016.

  13. The Prohibition party has been fractured with infighting for years. One possible way they could expand their support base is to put a major focus on maintaining strict drug controls (recreational drug prohibition). Their major problem this year was that they selected a candidate that did not intend to campaign or strive for ballot access. The party could easily get on Florida and Colorado’s Ballots and had been on those ballots in the past.

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