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New York Times Story on Extreme Variation in Presidential Vote within New York City

Published on November 23, 2012, by in General.

Michael Grynbaum, the author of this New York Times story, examined the precinct election returns for President in New York city, and fills the story with fascinating nuggets of information. The second half of the story mentions one precinct in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, in which Jill Stein received 20 votes and Mitt Romney received zero. The story also mentions that Romney received 90% of the votes in several precincts populated largely by Orthodox Jews, and even received 100% of the votes in a few such precincts.. And it mentions that the Manhattan precinct containing Trump Tower tied between Romney and Obama.

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  1. Joseph McNiesh

    In 1997, when Rudy Giuliani won for mayor the second time, he received zero votes in a Harlem election district directly north of Central Park. It was only one ED, and Giuliani won 25% of the black vote that year because crime was down in black neighborhoods. In 1998, on the Lower East Side, Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver won 93% and the Green candidate 7%. Orthodox Jews are known to vote Republican.

  2. Demo Rep

    Are the folks in 100 percent Obama precincts and 100 percent Romney precincts on the same planet ???

    — loved by the gerrymander MONSTERS who use such data to rig election results.

  3. Precincts are too small to be gerrymandered. Who would do the gerrymandering? In New York City they can be just a couple of apartment buildings, but even in rural areas they are compact and contiguous, not gerrymandered. People who live on the same few blocks tend to vote similarly, so it is no surprise to see many very lopsided vote margins.

  4. Joseph McNiesh

    #3 Ditto. Public schools have at least two Election Districts each. Birds of a feather…

  5. Joseph McNiesh

    How many reg.Reps in those EDs? If 10 or more, it is not likely that none showed up to vote. It is possible 0 reg. Reps near a pulic school.

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