Indiana Finishes Counting Write-in Votes, but Totals are Flawed; State Says it is Too Late to Complain

The Indiana Secretary of State’s office has this official vote for President, including write-in totals. However, Jay Parks of the Indiana Green Party has obtained the county-by-county breakdown, and he finds that Marion County, which is easily the most populous county in the state, only reported 2 write-ins. Vigo County, which has Terre Haute, reported zero write-ins. Parks knows of voters in those two counties who voted for Jill Stein but their votes have not been counted.

In response, the state says anyone with any complaints should have complained earlier, and it is now too late to look into the problem. Thanks to Jay Parks for the link and for the information about the problems with the tally.


Indiana Finishes Counting Write-in Votes, but Totals are Flawed; State Says it is Too Late to Complain — 12 Comments

  1. Shocker!

    Seriously, who thought that our good ole politicians would actually be accountable for once and count write-ins?

  2. What rubbish! You don’t know if you have a complaint until after the write-in totals are released and then it is too late to complain! Catch-22 anyone?

  3. Vigo County did finally report votes. Lake County (Gary Indiana near Chicago) reports 0 votes. When we tried to work with county election boards during the counting process, they told us we’d have to wait until the counting was over. When it was over, they said oops too late.

  4. At various times during the count Missionary-Tracey Elaine Blair was credited with votes, but now it says she has 0.

  5. #5, At first Orange county listed all 21 of its write-in votes for Ms. Blair. When I contacted the County Clerk for a break down, he told me he had no idea how to retrieve votes for individual candidates from his voting equipment. Now Orange County seems to be listing all votes for Jill Stein.

  6. So let me get this straight.

    After you learn what they say the numbers are it is too late to challenge them. If you wanted to challenge the counts you should have done it before they announced their counts.

    Do I understand this correctly?

  7. I believe this is what they meant when I was told to get an accuate write-in vote for president from a state, wait until the state releases its vote total, then double the total.

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