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27 States Have Now Released Official Vote Tallies

Published on December 5, 2012, by in General.

According to Professor Michael McDonald’s United States Elections Project, as of the morning of December 5, 27 states have released their official vote tallies.

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  1. Demo Rep

    ALL snail mail scanner ballots.

    Will the other States have official data in time for the meeting of the gerrymander Electoral College ???

    ANY last second court stuff about Prez/VP results in any marginal gerrymander E.C. State/district ???

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. — before it is too late.

  2. Jeff Becker

    Actually, if you look at the last column, “total ballots counted,” only 23 states have completed their canvas and reported official results. Not sure what they’re going to do about Colorado where some counties are refusing to certify the obviously corrupt vote totals.

  3. @3 why do you say they’re “obviously corrupt”?

  4. Walter Ziobro

    Interesting that there are no ineligible felons in DC, Maine and Vermont. Everyone must be so law-abiding there.

  5. Slam In A Y-Trap

    Maine and Vermont allow prisoners to vote while serving time in prison (as every state should), thus they are felons, but not ineligible. DC has no state prison, its prisoners are in Virginia. They are eligible to vote when they get out of prison (it’s also possible that DC has changed its laws to be like Maine and Vermont, but not to my knowledge). Thus felons yes, ineligible no.

  6. icr

    THey’re slyly educating you on how worthless your vote is when they allow murderers and baby rapists to vote while STILL IN PRISON. Deprived of all other civil rights, but still allowed to vote.

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