Georgia Libertarian Will Be on Ballot in Special State Senate Election in January

The Georgia Libertarian Party is only ballot-qualified for statewide offices, not for U.S. House or state legislative races. However, a Georgia Libertarian candidate will be on the ballot for State Senate, 30th district, in the special election set for January 8, 2013. In Georgia special elections, anyone can get on the ballot by paying a filing fee; no petition is needed. In regularly-scheduled elections, though, candidates who are not Republican or Democratic nominees need a petition signed by 5% of the registered voters.

The Libertarian candidate, James Camp, will be the only person on the ballot other than Republican nominee Mike Dugan. There is a special election for this seat because the incumbent Senator who won the 2012 Republican primary, Bill Hamrick, resigned from the Senate on September 10, 2012, to accept a judicial appointment. The state then cancelled the general election that was to have been held for this seat on November 6, 2012. Instead the state held a Republican primary for the 30th district on November 6, and a run-off Republican primary on December 4.

The outcome of the Republican primary was a surprise. At the first Republican primary, on November 6, 2012, four Republicans had run, and a former member of the State House, Bill Hembree, had polled over 48%. If he had had at least 50% there would have been no run-off primary. But at the run-off primary on December 4, Hembree lost to Mike Dugan, who had only polled 27% in the November primary. Only 6% of the voters voted in the run-off primary on December 4. Hembree had given up a sure chance to be elected to the State House, by choosing instead to run in the State Senate Republican primary. He had already won the Republican primary for State House, 67th district, this year, but he resigned from that race so as to run for State Senate. His Republican replacement in the 67th district House race, Micah Gravley, easily won in November, defeating his Democratic opponent with 67.8% of the vote, so Hembree gave up a virtually certain victory in the House race and now won’t be going to either house.


Georgia Libertarian Will Be on Ballot in Special State Senate Election in January — 3 Comments

  1. Too bad the Green, Const, Justice or other 3Rd parties didn’t get on ballot. The more choices the better!

  2. Today, Libertarian Jeff Bivins also qualified for a State Senate seat with a special election on January 8th. So far, there are 3 Republicans who’ve also filed.

    @Darryl – The filing fee for all state legislature races (House or Senate) in Georgia is $400.

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